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Bitch Kill
Harm City Murderbowl Update
Killings in Bodymore are up to 336, with nine shootings over the last three days resulting in the standard one third death rate.
Of the 23 folks killed in the first 22 days of the dying month of the year, 5 are listed as female:
1 is "black"
4 race unknown
Times of death were:
7:10 PM
7:14 PM
9:35 AM
6:12 PM
5:30 PM
Four of these killings were at dusk, in the shallows of night, during normal business hours, around dinnertime, in fact.
Of 17 men killed:
9:10 PM
9:50 PM
6:02 PM
4:11 PM
3:18 PM
12:05 PM
12:26 AM
4:50 PM
12:08 PM
12:56 AM
12:13 AM
9:30 PM
5:27 AM
8:01 PM
3:27 PM
1:50 PM
2:28 AM

of the 22 known times of death
Killing Times
Day: 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM [7 killings in 10 hours]
Dusk: 4:31 PM to 8:30 [7 killings in 4 hours]
Night: 8:30 PM to 6:30 AM [8 killings in 10 hours]
Dusk is deadly. Also, if we look at the late daylight and early night time we see a cluster that suggests that being on the street in hoodrat overrun zones between 3 and 10 PM is not advisable, which is when 13 of 22 people were killed.
In Baltimore County, this same trend has been anticipated by the police who are not patrolling, but sitting on strip mall parking lots as sentries.
Phil the Flyer just sent me a picture of one-way electronic gates at a Baltimore area Wal-Mart.
Mescaline Franklin sent me these texts from Gotham:
"I notice they are posting security guards in ATMs here in Brooklyn..."
"the fellas are out in force now!:)"
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