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The Money Man or the Distaff Hand
Crackpot Mailbox: Denise and James Discuss Gender Blame
Denise commented on ‘At the Mid-Point of Life’ Dec-23-2019 12:32 PM UTC
Could you please expand on your last paragraph?
If I'm understanding it correctly, you are pointing out that society functions on the expectation that citizens comply with and do the bidding of those in power, which goes against what's best for the individual?
That men (and women, I know that you'll likely fight me on that one, but I did refuse to take the mandatory flu shot in the medical field for three years and wore the face mask instead. Most people complied, even when they disagreed, just because they didn't want to wear the mask.) Should be fighting the system, but aren't?
And that women are to blame for our current troubles?
I'd say that it's the Money Men who control the puppet strings of society that are.

Denise, thanks for prompting me to clarify this subject for other readers as well. I will attempt minimum verbiage.
Most citizens comply with the will of those in power for one of three reasons:
-1. They are idiots who believe that the system serves them rather than the truth that they serve the system.
-2. They believe and abide by the specific lies perpetrated by the system.
-3. They are easily frightened by the supposed threats designated as enemies of the system, such as AR-15 owners, Syrian tyrants, Afghan tribesmen and "serial killers."
Voting is a sham as the money men have the best commercial writers in the world to get the masses to vote the way they need to vote to perpetuate the system which they serve likes ants serve a colony.
This project, A Dread Grace, is four years old and I have yet to publish the first of four projected volumes. Articles such as At the Mid-Point of Life are ongoing attempts to examine the following facts, in attempt to eventually arrive at some deeper understanding, perhaps a knot of causal and corollary threads that make up the social substance of from where we have come, what was done and what we have become.
First, I do not recognize irrational blaming devices, such as it is all because of women, or all because of the Skekzeez, as these all tend to turn into shallow and inbred rabbit holes. Such blanket theories are usually always an attempt at simplification for the stupid or a retreat from the harsh, dark light of complexity that is evil.
As I attempt to wrap up the first stage of this investigation this week with the completion of Sons of Aryas, here is the Gordian knot I have been sucked into considering:
Inhabitants of North America, Australia, South America and Africa, have collectively, in the historical period beginning roughly 5,000 years ago, conquered zero nations outside of their geographical homelands—zero, none. Only Eurasia, one continent, really, fielded conquerors able and willing [this last part being key] to expand the boundaries of their world. Generally, the Asians proved slightly more able and the Europeans far more willing. The result was that for about three generations the entire world was either under European rule, or operated as a client state.
How does one explain this?
Further, how does one explain the fact that these very peoples, predominantly Indo-European or Aryan, had female rulers more often than the other major racial groupings, had a higher level of female autonomy, and, in the end, after a few generations on top of the world, the scions of these warlike and highly innovative races, have almost universally embraced individual, racial, cultural and national suicide?
My general suspicion is that the high level of female moral authority in Aryan societies made them more effective as conquering forces and also placed an Achilles heel under our sandals—is it an accident that Achilles mother dipped him in the invulnerable waters, holding him by the heel and leaving him vulnerable?
I merely suspect and do not know.
I do know these things:
Among Native American societies with high levels of female autonomy, there was a higher martial vigor and a higher vulnerability to betrayal by extra-cultural allies.
Among Mongols and Zulus, respectively the two greatest conquering forces on their continents, a regard for female social status was greater than among groups they conquered.
Among European monarchs, females declared war roughly 30% more often than males.
My overall suspcion is pretty simple.
That the Aryan nations, more tolerant of female moral authority than any other group of races, eventually came to be so dominant—creating Modernity as we know it—that most of the known world effectively became "domestic space" not enemy territory, not battlefield, not the unknown, but domesticated living space. Women have a knack for dominating domestic space, a thirst for it. Also, as a general rule, women are more easily responsive to threats upon their living space in terms of making demands on their men.
So is it any accident that the money men decided to on one hand give women the vote, even as they used scare tactics to get women to support war efforts and also punish men who do not share the "safety and security and conformity first" bias typical of women?
My suspicion is that the creation of domestic space in excess of wild, unknown, contested and enemy space unbalances the human psyche and that we are living through the resulting psychosis.
To me, it looks like the money men have been using the women to turn men into women so that they can fleece an entire sissy nation at its own insistence.
Merry Christmas, Denise.
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DeniseJanuary 9, 2020 5:52 PM UTC

That's great news! My hubby is a NoDak and we have lots of friends and family in the Dickinson, BisMan, and Jamestown areas. We live around Rapid City, if you happen to be heading through this area on any of your travels. If it wouldn't be an imposition on your visiting and if the weather cooperates, I would love to visit specifically about worries about how to exist in the coming future and what might be coming down the pike.
responds:January 10, 2020 10:41 AM UTC

Thank you.
DeniseJanuary 2, 2020 1:45 PM UTC

"My suspicion is that the creation of domestic space in excess of wild, unknown, contested and enemy space unbalances the human psyche and that we are living through the resulting psychosis.

To me, it looks like the money men have been using the women to turn men into women so that they can fleece an entire sissy nation at its own insistence."

The idea of nations becoming domestic space is interesting to me and would explain a number of things. I'm just Indian enough (Cherokee, Catawban, and Creek) to believe that nature will not tolerate it's balance being upended without repercussions. (You often remind me of the Mountain men who leave the typical white world to strike out on their own).I'm curious to know what you think about the mythology- religious beliefs of a people Influencing their empire building, since the worship of Mary influenced Romans to conquer the world and then collapse, much in the same way the US seems to be doing. If women are supposed to be Intuition and the Unknown, would you say that we are building on human evolution each time society creates and advances, fails and has to rebuild? Owen Benjamin said something one day that has stuck with me, that the Devil can't create, he can only imitate and that's why anything he creates ultimately self destructs. I keep thinking of the Devil offering Jesus all the Kingdoms of the world if He would just worship Satan. Maybe our advances are not of our own making, but the devil's attempt to rule his way? Maybe the Indigenous folks are the ones living in harmony with nature and we IndoEuropeons are the ones being led by the dark forces against God? Just a few things I've wondered about. I'm excited to read your forthcoming books about these ideas.

PS In your most recent video, it was mentioned you're heading West again. Any chance you'll ever be anywhere near South Dakota? I'd like to pick your brain about a few topics someday.
responds:January 8, 2020 6:51 PM UTC

Go through north Dakota every winter.

Will be going throw Kansas and Iowa this spring.

Your comments have been very helpful to my thinking.

Feel free to pick away with an email to
thawtcriminowitzDecember 31, 2019 3:44 PM UTC

the views expressed by this ignorant unsophisticated commenter are not necessarily those of James.
responds:December 31, 2019 9:43 PM UTC

A smaller, man, in a darker suit, with more highly opaque sunglasses, directs the three grey-suited goons to take this man into the janitorial closet...
thawtcriminowitzDecember 30, 2019 8:16 PM UTC

(((Money Men))). One of those simplistic inbreds checking in. I know history is complex and America has always been a vapid marketplace, much of which I have learned from you James, but these tyrannical clown world conditions we now live under are the result of being ruled by them.
responds:December 31, 2019 7:37 AM UTC

And the three grey-suited men in blued sunglasses converge on the man in the back of the auditorium...