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The Crime of Numbers
Harm City Hoodrats Still Crushing It
News from the Hood:

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore broke its annual per capita homicide record after reaching 342 killings Friday.
With just over 600,000 residents, the city hit a historically high homicide rate of about 57 per 100,000 people after recent relentless gunfire saw eight people shot — three fatally — in one day and nine others — one fatally — another day.
[The line above is explained by the line below. There are less than 600,000 residents in Baltimore, with the census numbers inflated using vacant addresses and expats]
The new rate eclipses that of 1993, when the city had a record 353 killings but was much more populous before years of population exodus.
By contrast, New York City, with more than 8 million residents, had 306 homicides through Dec. 15...
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Note that this web page attacked my computer, so don't click on it.

There is a possibility that the all time gross killing rate of 353 will be topped.
In 1993 I was in my first year as a travelling grocery clerk, taking the buses out of the Northeast to various locations in and around Baltimore. This was the year I had six jobs at one time. I carried a large combat knife under a bandana draped over my belt along with a loose flannel jacket to use as a shield or blinder.
Baltimore is no more or less dangerous for a feral paleface now than it was in 1993. The FBI use of crimes in 100,000 to determine the level of danger in a given space, is not based on reality, but fantasy and media herding.
To determine how dangerous a space is, one needs to do killings per square mile, not per person. However, this would show that crime is fueled by the sacred cow of diversity and would fail to implicate people who look lie me as the threat to civilians that the system wants us to believe we are. The primary use of the killings per 100,000 method is so that the single killing in one year in Dodge City around about 1870, will make the Old West seem more deadly than Miami at the height of the cartel wars in the early 1980s. The crimes per 100,000 is a false model intended to demonize rural gunowners and excuse urban gangbangers.
Below are some numbers from Colin Flaherty's bitchute channel, where he reported findings from the Interracial Crime Victim Survey:
of 590,000 interracial crimes, 530,000 were ebony on ivory.
The survey implies, according to the false racial duality of our operating delusion, that those 60,000 other crimes are ivory on ebony, failing to note that most of these ivory attackers are actually Hispanic, which is now being changed from a racial to language designation, in order to soften the harsh impression that the war on ghost kind is simply a hunt, not a war at all.
Killings are the best measure of danger because it is the only violent crime that the police have a hard time redefining.
Less than 10% of killings in Baltimore are redefined as something other than death.
However, 100% of home invasions are categorized as property crimes, with the typical rate at which violent crime is reported in Baltimore City and County standing like so:
Depending on the location and subjects, between 70-90% of violent crimes go unreported to the Police.
Depending on various factors, including those noted on the line above and political pressure on police to misreport crimes, roughly half of all violent crimes are misreported, falsely categorized or later re-categorized.
In roughly 90% of crimes the racial identity of the aggressor is obscured, unreported or misreported.
Even if most murder is confined to ebony on ebony feuds, the bodies dropped are the truest indication of how dangerous a given space is, regardless of your race.

Editor, please do a killings per square mile calculation for:
New York
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