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Curse of the Orange Man
A Curious View of System Friction
[written on 10/23/19]
Recently imbibing Blight Wing and Theft Wing podcasts and speaking to two politically active Blight Wing dissidents and two politically active Theft Wing dissidents, I was stricken by inability of the Theft Wingers to credit the Orange Man with his only moral achievement since taking the Sullied Media Throne, as he perches atop the Toilet of State. The Thefties insist, without a shred of proof, based only on their belief that the Orange Man represents one-dimensional cartoon evil, that he is just as much a War Monger as the political and military presidents that preceded him, even though each and everyone, except for the discarded Peanut Farmer president, launched at least 100% more military actions into militarily unengaged nations than he. They insist that he is secretly conducting military strikes into unnamed third world nations to facilitate business deals. If he was, this would make him exactly like the other presidents with the exception that he has declined overt military action against first and second tier nations.
So, even if he is evil as they think, his actions are still less evil than the other occupants of the Sullied Throne and they are unable to even hear information I possess to counter their beliefs. This dovetails with their atheism and tells me that they have found their religion without knowing it—social justice stoked by the sermons of their media priesthood, willing to hear of only one good and one wrong.
It occurs to this addled mind that perhaps the Curse of the Orange Man, his many un-kept promises to his conservative Blight constituents and his continuing battle against the Deep State and his liberal Theft political foes, is an observatory boon. For, I do believe him to be a creature of egotistical malice, selfish greed and uncaring sentiment. This view of him, as a flawed money pig, is regarded as naively pro-Orange Man by devotes of the Media Faith, who see him as 100% Hitlerian evil in all aspects. When one considers the extreme duality of this mindset, that the Orange Man, who has declined to wage war on North Korea, Iran and Russia—three nuclear powers—as being 100% evil, when he has consistently shied away from nuclear war brinkmanship in favor of his obnoxious Manhattan bluster, the specter of Christian fanaticism worthy of the Reformation, rears its time-worn head.
For, what kind of person, believes in all good on one side and all evil on the other?
A religious fanatic does believe so.
The fact that the war machine, that murders thousands of non-combatants every year to maintain a reign of terror around the world for naked economic interests of the top financial elite, is at absolute odds with this man, is not permitted by the fully indoctrinated Theftoid mind to register even 1% of good on his moral ledger and reduce the murder machine’s moral ledger from 100% good to 99% good.
Simply put, to the non-faith-based mind, if a thing of known, blood-thirsty and amoral evil [the Deep State, villain of almost every Liberal movie] is opposed by a man who has committed evil deeds, than the maintenance of the belief that he is 100% evil, renders his political opponent, the collective war machine, by every degree of his supposed perfection as a peerlessly and total Evil Villain, pure and good in an equal and opposite measure.
By such perversion of the human mind it can be seen that the domesticated human worships only that which eats it, and is therefore little different metaphysically than the pre-Columbian Aztec farmer, shivering in the conviction that passivity at the feet of his blood-thirsty God is necessary to keep the sun rising. In this way, the fact that both of these liberal haters of the Orange Man believe in apocalyptic, manmade, environmental catastrophe, unless millions of souls are extinguished for the good of Mother Earth, makes them the perfect, postmodern counterparts of the pre-modern Aztec, such that I would not be surprised if one named the Orange Man Cortez or even Winged-Serpent.
Which brings to mind the fact that the Blight Wing twosome I interviewed on this very week both stated belief that the current Deep State system is evil and that the Orange Man is a flawed crusader, at least showing some nuance of mind. But when one plumbs the Blight Wing opinion it occurs that the diabolism of the evolved systems of social control we live under, which I tend to refer to as the Deep State, is only opposed because system favor has swung away from the unnatural state of modern American delusion, by which it was thought that the majority was served by its masters, to a proper imperial system by which the system is served by the majority and privilege is properly assigned to certain minorities.
One wonders if a new deity has gained hegemony, or if the Great God remains the same and as ever hungry, and all that has changed is which cult wields the sacrificial knife and which cult reclines upon the altar beneath its plunging point.
Under the God of Things
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