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'Your Negroes'
Crackpot Mailbox: the Editor takes the Crackpot to Task for Encouraging Hector and Achilles in their Feud
Texts from the editor:
"Your subjects hit 343 today."
-AM, December 29
"Your negroes hit 347. I'm guessing any they do tonight will get pushed to 2020."
-11:34 AM, December 31
"Non fatal shootings at 771 for the year, twice the usual rate."
-11:40 AM, December 31
[Sounds like some Chicongo windage magsmanship.]
-6:30 PM, December 31
I feel like Homer standing before the charred gates of Troy!
What a year!
Killings by precinct:
1. Central: 11 [the smallest, and the only preventative policing precinct]
2. Northern: 24 [the only majority Caucasian precinct]
3. Southern: 29 [most mixed race precinct]
4. Southeastern: 32 [most mixed class precinct]
5. Northeastern: 41 [largest working class precinct, 60% African American]
6. Northwestern: 41 [ African American and Jewish]
7. Southwestern: 52 [African American]
8. Eastern: 53 [majority Latino]
9. Western: 59 [African American]
By method:
Shootings: up
Stabbings: up
Asphyxiation: up
Blunt force: up
Other: up
Unknown: up

Man from Uncle
2019:70% Black Baltimore Homicide Rate—57 Per 100,000; 1921: 85% White Baltimore Homicide Rate—11 Per 100,000... | Blog Posts |
12:06 PM (9 hours ago)
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