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Winter Writing
The Crooked form of a Graphomaniac's Fiction Season
As a writer, heading into the New Year, with winter gladly upon him, provides a chance to revisit those strange tales unfinished and hatch others anew.
As I take the train west to spend a month in a mountain trailer in the Cascades, I intend to complete the following, all novels, now 2 to 6 years in progress:
-The Spiral Case
-The Filthy Few
-Beyond the Pale
I will also entertain the notion of writing a horror novelette.
The non-fiction projects to be worked on concurrently will be:
-Dark Kangdom [now complete, text arrangement]
-Sons of Aryas [now complete, text arrangement]
-American Spartacus [annotation of primary sources: Oglethorpe and Wiseman]
Please note the tag in the upper right corner of this page, marked books in progress, if you are interested in what is in writing progress and what is in editorial process.
How Many Books Are You Writing? is the article you want, a piece I update every time I complete a book.
Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16
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