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Crackpot Mailbox: New Year's Greetings from Readers
"Hey brother, Happy New Year! I called but your voicemail box is full (of racist propaganda, no doubt). Hope everything is good with you man."
-Carbon Mike

"Happy fuckin' new year. I'm whipping up a batch of shrimp and grits for breakfast followed by a shot of whiskey. Wanna swing by?"
-The Colonel

"Have a new year filled with striving for new adventures and untapped strength!"

"Fuck this place. Fuck this year. Fuck next year."

Thank you all for your support and may the dawning year be the gushing beast felled by your true-thrust spear.
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broken dance
the world is our widow
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Larry La MarcaJanuary 3, 2020 4:47 PM UTC

I am forever grateful to "Myth of the 20th Century" guys for introducing me to Mr. La Fond. Back in my old man's day, they actually had a competitive boxing team at the high school in my little podunk town in Louisiana. They must have been pretty good too, because my dad won the golden gloves in his weight class in the Navy at San Diego. I didn't even know some of these sports existed. Many thanks to Ms. Lynn Lockhart for allowing me to listen to these wonderful conversations.

O' Larry the Sicilian.
responds:January 8, 2020 6:49 PM UTC

Thank you, Larry and for honoring your father here.
Ruben ChandlerJanuary 1, 2020 7:35 PM UTC

It's hard to compete with all the poetic posts here so I'm swinging by the Colonel's for brekky. Happy New Year everyone!