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Time and Measure with Extension Weapons
Crackpot Mailbox: Four Readers Send in Combat Studies
At the bottom of this page I will address the use of and defense against extension weapons in the very contexts provided by these fine students of the combat experience.

Bereft Coast Hackathon!
Mon, Dec 30, 2019, 10:52 PM (3 days ago)
It's like the Walking Dead out here with the vagrants, except that they (and their pitbulls) do more than just bite. Here's a video of a machete-wielding vagrant attacking a cop. The cop gets his gun out and squeezes some rounds into the guy but he keeps coming and hacks the officer a couple of times before the officer's backup finishes him off. The officer survived:
Follow these links to see how bad the problem has gotten (stabbings, burnings, beatings, etc):
God bless!
-Bryce Sharper

obscure medieval sword techniques #37
Tue, Dec 31, 2019, 8:51 PM (2 days ago)
Happy New Year, James.
-Han Silo

I never thought of this
Wed, Jan 1, 6:17 PM (14 hours ago)
-Ultan Rex

Livin' in a grappler's paradise
Mon, Dec 30, 2019, 10:23 PM (3 days ago)

Gun against stick/machete is a situation where both men need to get closer and the one with more cool, more balls and more drive should prevail. Porky should have shielded with an extended left hand and pumped a whole clip into Chocolate Rage's chest and guts.
I really like the sword babe. Pony Tail has done alright for himself. Look, that long sword is highly specialized for a historical period. In a postmodern context, items that large, should either be used like a rifle club-bayonet, or onehanded like Musashi used his sword, while making space with the empty hand. Do not ever drop your weapon! Anything done with the head or shoulder can be done with the weapon! In this situation, check her blade with a onehanded beat, slide your arm under her arm and hoist her to your shoulder while cleaving the eunuch barring your way... Always assume a secondary antagonist, especially when abducting slave girls from the seraglio.
The dildo video was disgusting and the big bald freak liked sniffing it too much by half. Do note that 16-inches is perhaps the perfect weapon length for modern conditions, with the lethal target the side of the head, the messy target the top of the head and the preferred incapacitating but sub lethal targets being the jaw and the collar bone.
Against some faggot riot cop with his feet too far forward, this single leg pick obviously works. But, if the guy is not alone, is stronger than you or knows what he is doing, do not expose your thorax spine to a downward stroke, especially if this is a hammer or flashlight which can get your skull base and cervical spine. Shoot the left arm over his shoulder, take the glancing blow, snake his arm and push him back with your right hand, preferably while heel-tripping him, as you remove the weapon with a waist twist. Or, if you are a judo guy, execute a standing throw. Again, assume a secondary antagonist, indeed, that the first guys is the secondary antagonist and that you need to be in good position against his version of the savior cavalry.
As long as a riot pig is using a shield as a shield rather than as a weapon, use that passive posture against him. For you kickers, note how useful it would be to pivot off against the grappler on his shoulder with the checking hand and then kick his fucking head in as he squats of makes to stand. Also, the riot pig, if not for the sissy shield, could have just stiff-armed off that dipping shoulder, triangled out and hit a homerun—a double at least—with that dissident head.
Thank you men so much for such food for knucklehead thought.
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AmericanDagdaJanuary 2, 2020 1:01 PM UTC

It's a rare thing when I get to whip out an assessment on shieldwork and put some of my ill spent youth to use so here's a couple of points for anybody unfamiliar with havin' a slab between you and the asshole tryin' to stove your head in.

1. The shield's too high by half. I was tryin' to figure out why in the hell he's got the rim above his head doin' fuck all especially with a full face guard and it hit me. The damn thing's clear. It's basic design encourages bad form. If he'd had to look over the shield instead of through your friendly neighborhood street youth probably never would of been able to close his arms and throw him.

2. Far as I can tell he's packin' it like a center grip and not makin' use of the full straps it appears set up for. IF IT DOESNT STRAP TO THE ARM IT IS NOT A STATIC DEFENSE TOOL. Center grip is for deflect and check your wrist is not cut out for eatin' solid blows which is why when street youth hits it low enough it just swings out of the way. Again if it'd been where it's supposed to pig could of just domed him with it instead of lettin' him roll under the pivot point.

3. Bonus points for pig and street youth once the shield's in the right place. If you're center grip dynamic is the word of the day. You're not formin' a shield wall you're providin' your own active defense which requires mobility. If you're strapped in, don't have full face protection, and aren't restin' on your shoulder elbow should be about level with your mid chest and arm at a 90° unless you want an enterprising street youth to gift you a new face when they hook a foot under your bottom rim and kick the top edge into your teeth.
responds:January 8, 2020 6:54 PM UTC

Very nice assessment, Sir.


there is a huge problem with center grip shield mechanics any time you stop using the edge of the shield to punch them in the face or break their hand.
Mike_CJanuary 2, 2020 10:41 AM UTC

Twitter comment of the thread on the last item:

"thank you for this very informative information that i am definitely going to only use in a fanfic or novel and will definitely never put to actual irl use because i respect law enforcement and my government"


OTOH, this LarissaFae person self describes as "non-binary bi+ muslim hijabi || no preferred pronouns " so I'm not sure what to think.
responds:January 2, 2020 12:17 PM UTC