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Crackpot Mailbox: A Look at AntiAmerican Symbolism
The Autumnal Son
Wed, Jan 1, 6:40 PM (15 hours ago)
What is your analysis of this 1930s German anti-american propaganda poster

I am unable to post this jpeg link and will describe the carton image.
Do note, that I regard the period beginning with 1914 to be beneath interest, the period beginning with 1919 nothing but a distraction from subjects of true interest, a deluded forensics report on an attempted Aryan suicide, and the period beginning with 1937 little more than a post-mortem on the successful suicide. All true answers are entombed under 1913 and deeper, all obscured and made invisible by our continued collective worship of WWII as the sacrament that heralded the death of humanity as a spiritual force, something we all seem to worship as either priests wielding the knife of hate, sacrificial victims whimpering on the altar or shadowy fiends thirsting in the shadows of the great edifice of hate for the blood of our screaming betters.
I say good residence to the entire toxic industrial world and mourn only the fact that we have yet to discover how to return to a premodern life, stuck as we are in the toxic waste dump of postmodernity.
So, here goes the symbolism of the cartoon from pointed head to ballistic feet.
Overall, the cartoonish image of the American robot reeks of Plantation America retooled for global mind-farming.
-The KKK hood is a sign of NS contempt for the bald-faced lie of American White Supremacy, which was never about race but class, with the caged negro in the foreground pictured beneath the hood never more than a red herring to facilitate the lie represented by the shadowed working white imprisoned behind the celebrity slave.
-The plane wings predict the fate of the moralizing fools poking fun at their pending exterminators.
-The whore of false liberty leading the charge is a nice touch.
-The Indian in war bonnet blowing a brass bugle is an astute observation of the subconscious American guilt mythos.
-The black arms scream American negrification.
-The Noose as tangled on one of those black arms foretells our blooming guilt-apocalypse.
-The boxing glove on one black arm is a symbol that the German champion could not be defeated by a European American and reads as the bitch-hound boast of the foredoomed. -The bag of money held in the boxing glove speaks of the power behind the American throne.
-The audio record held in the one hand, astutely predicts Hip Hop and seems to be a foolishly light take on the real strength of America as a killer of souls and nations, being vested in its command of much better and ultimately self-absorbing propaganda than this funny caricature.
-The second set of arms, one tuxedoed and beating the drum of state and the other stripped and shackled and serving its needs, shows that other nations knew America to be still a penal colony as late as the rattling breath between their collective suicide attempts.
-The tommy gun in the criminal hand perhaps recalls the gangsters that stayed behind in Europe after 1919 and terrorized postwar France, and the thug soldiers of America that would rape women in England, Italy, France and Germany as a liberating sacrament.
-The abdomen as a parade drum, draped with a hated ethno-religious symbol, which is clearly obvious and clearly subservient to the state.
-The legs of metal, with one brass and recalling the Colossus of Rhodes and the other of a steel steam-pipe with a bomb for a foot, stomping cities under foot, demonstrates a realization, that the fool dictator's declaration of war on the industrial giant would indeed be, an act of collective national suicide understood for what it was by any German with the brains to understand this caricature in the face of the dawning post-national world.
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