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Barber Beer Boxing
Crackpot Podcast 71
My dear Editor has posted another podcast...

Hello Friends!
Welcome to the first Crackpot Podcast of the New Year! Our old friend John Paul Barber joined us. Mister Barber is responsible for some of our most popular episodes, including one inspired by a question of his, and his first guest appearance with us. Mister Barber has garnered more fame from the Crackpot Podcast than I have, as he was recognized on the street after his guest episode...
0:03:45 The last bastions of manliness
0:16:00 Parents on site
0:23:43 Fight video
0:27:45 Trans boxer
0:42:50 Trannies in prison
0:49:15 Other prison memories
0:54:10 Conan quote, alcohol
1:18:35 Significant events in boxing
1:39:30 Body types in fighting
1:44:40 Boxing quotes
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