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Today, [in early October] Bob from Utah sent me his dashboard reading from that new fangled truck of his. The speed was 42, which is pretty damned slow for High Country drivers and the temperature reading was “-9 F.” According to Global warming Worshippers, I guess that means 9 degrees cooler than the Texas Stadium floor where ZZP Top recorded fandango live in 1976.
On a less serious note, since many of my readers have not read my earlier reviews of global warming hysteria, which has been re-branded as climate change, meaning that Man is now regarded as more important than the Sun, God, nature, supernovas, etc., in determining climate cycles, let’s consider our state of collective deification. This odd form of dark human self worship, the worship of ourselves as a collective deity of destruction, had its inception when Loren Green and Lenard Nimoy both narrated documentaries in the 1970s concerning the return of the glaciers, the inevitable next ice age.
A handful of years later, in Great Britain, the Iron Bitch, Margaret Thatcher and her regime found themselves pressed by organized coal miners. Having not yet established the Moon or Mars as the next British Penal Colony, some egg head in Government recalled a scientist in one of those two documentaries stating that an ice age might possibly be staved off by promoting a greenhouse effect by burning fossil fuels. The idea was then pitched to flip this theory on its head and use it to demonize fossil fuels [which required more manpower] so that nuclear power, clean safe and angelic, could be promoted and those bonny bastards of the working class could be shuffled off to the dustbin of herstory [which is now taken by Microsoft Word as a word as legitimate as history].
The rest is simply hysteria…
I really liked the Myth Round table’s review of this apex event in media occultism.
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AmericanDagdaJanuary 9, 2020 6:06 PM UTC

I won't bother gettin' into the trenches with you on this one to slug it out but I will say this. I damn well hope your wrong on this one. I'd much rather have an ocean at my back when the ice caps melt and drown the deep south than a horde of hispanic mulattos on the last arable on the North American continent east of the Mississippi when the ice shelf passes the Mason Dixon.
responds:January 10, 2020 10:43 AM UTC

This might just be another little ice age. The beginning, 4,000 years ago was good for our folks.