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Gabriel’s Belt #1
The First Modern Agonistics Alpha Brawl
I never want to lose a fight. But, if I win this one I have to do it again! Otherwise I’m feeling like the family turkey on November 23rd. Just in case it gets uber ugly I have put in for a vacation day at work for Monday.
At 12:30 pm, this coming Sunday, May 18th, 2014, Charles and I [sparring partners for these last eight years], will be going at it at Jim Frederick’s dojo in Towson Maryland.
A decade ago Gabriel gave me his black sash. He had the okay from his three seniors [including 2 FMA instructors]. Others were not pleased with this as I did not, and do not, know an FMA system. I considered that belt an honorary award, and knew that I would be expected to represent him as a fighter. I’m speeding down the far side of the combat mountain and Charles has hit his prime. I think it’s time we passed the ‘torch’ in the form of this belt. But I’m not just giving it up. He will have to pry it from my oft-broken hand like it was Charlton Heston’s deer rifle.
If you’d like to stop by and provide my ‘lookout James!’ chorus you are welcome. Charles and I should be crossing sticks at 12:30. It should all be over by 1:30.
This is a 13-round affair. The rounds are untimed but we have done a lot of this. The 6 knife duels will be best of five, so will probably go five or ten minutes apiece. The 7 stick fights, will probably run a minute each, and will put me over the 650 bout mark.
1,000 stick fights is looking a long way off these days.
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