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‘Like the 1950s’
Qualifying Alternative Media Claims of System Dissent on the Theft and the Blight
Rather than “the Left”, the theft seems to be a proper term for collectivist liberalism, in that its proponents are obsessed with taking my pitiful earnings and assigning it to race martyrs, taking my arms and leaving me defenseless and taking my thoughts and burning them like the wicker man of my soul. And, on the “Conservative Right” we have people who worship both capitalism and Puritanism, the two forces which have most blighted our cities with drug wars and real estate-manipulated destruction of communities.
I have recently listened to an extreme Blight and extreme Theft podcast in order to better determine where my search for truth has placed me in relation to the system. I tended to feel with my gut and found the Theft man pushing my distaste button while lying with decontextualized facts and the Blight man pushing my sympathy button while omitting crucial contextual facts.
Both intelligent “dissidents” claim that status. Yet which is more out-of-line?
The battleground is the rearview mirror of the 1950s, as the Conservative paradise on the Blight side, and the pre-Liberated hell on the Theft side. Both claim this fantasy realm as the providence of state governance, a total creation of state control, on one hand good and on the other, evil. In that, they both agree.
On the Blight, pre-Revolutionary Plantation America was depicted as Colonial America and also as a “1950s” white picket fence, utopia, when it was in fact a hell of European American slavery by elite “whites.”
On the Theft side, the podcaster claims that European American gun Owning Christians wish to invade liberalized urban spaces and slaughter gays and minorities, when, in fact, nearly all such folk seek to live as far as possible from such places.
Even on that count.
Both scholars go on to use various real facts from mainstream narration to support their view and omit real alternative facts, and thus betray themselves as System advocates, if not the System in its current form. For the system’s most toxic manifestation is in the ideal, not the implementation, the belief that man is God able to shape itself like a moral Golem of Good, leading to ideological cleansing.
Both men believe in Space exploration as a hope for humanity, which is the most dissident aspect that they agree on and places each the furthest from mainstream human self-worship.
Now, how do I determine who is a greater dissident?
-1. I can name the one man by his pseudonym only, a suggestion that he fears System violence.
+1 Blight
-2. I can name the Blight thinker by his pseudonym of Ethnarch, without fearing that he, his, or the system will attack me bodily for so naming him. The other man, who uses his real name, I fear naming, as I believe various alphabet soup NGOs will crush me on his behalf.
+1 Blight
-3. The Theft thinker has corporate sponsorship while the Blight thinker does not.
+2 Blight
-4. The Theft thinker is an accredited journalist.
+2 Blight
-5. The Theft thinker supports war in Kurdistan, a current Deep State obsession, suggesting, by the creation of a new podcast to support the ideal of perpetual American military involvement in the Middle East, that he is on the Deep State payroll.
+2 Blight
-6. The pledge amount on donation platforms favors the Theft thinker by over 100 to 1
+10 Blight
-7. The Orange Man, the current president, seems to be regarded as 100% evil by the Theft thinker and somewhere around 50% evil by the Blight thinker.
+5 Blight
Thus my crude scale places Theft narrative 23 degrees closer to the morality well of Deep State gravity than the Blight thinker, making him a preferred source of information, though I will continue to measure both against what I can discover about the truth.
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