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Hoodrat Holocaust
Murderbowl Preliminary Year in Review
First some news reports by our Leased Coast Correspondents

Baltimore County sees deadliest year on record with 50 people killed in 2019 — 85% higher than past year - Baltimore Sun
Man from Uncle
Sun, Jan 5, 7:48 AM (6 days ago)
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Baltimore man robbed, set on fire
The Autumnal Son
Mon, Jan 6, 12:28 AM (5 days ago)

James LaFond <>
Thu, Jan 9, 12:45 AM (2 days ago
Notice that the bus was empty. When I got off the train in Seattle, I saw three of those accordian busses with standing room only. In Baltimore, that thing is empty. That bus used to be numbered #23, the second busiest line in the metro area. I have been on it pre 2016 with standing room only at midnight. That thing is empty, when it rolls by at the end of the clip. Baltimore has gone from one of the nation's most dangerous cities in 2014 to a hunted wasteland, barely haunted by day and staffed like a low budget German horror movie by night.

As for the murder tally, Baltimore numbers are heavily juked of late, with the 342 scores and the 308 score over the past 4 years all having been reduced by declaring that the dead have somehow ascended to a higher plane. Likewise, after murders hit 350 on New Years Day, having counted 2 slain the previous day, the BPD has redacted those deaths and taken the score down to 348. Oh well. They do this in the NFL, too, so who are we to complain about the vagueries of officiating.
The murder rate in Baltimore County going through the roof is due to Tyrone and Jerome being driven thence by Jose and Juan. Do note that exceptional cruelty by indigenous hoodrats to the homeless tends to be a sign that they have been pushed down the food chain by the new big dawg in the hood. So, in ivory areas where ghost dealers are displaced by ebony dealers, the remaining ghost thugs start beating up old ghosts. Likewise, in ebony areas where the dark dealers have been replaced by Latinos, those displaced yutes will lash out at their own elders.
The Harm City Hoodrats have a lock on the Middleweight Title and are in the running for pound-for-pound.
The first inning of the next game is already underway with 6 kills in 10 days, 2 of them in my old neighborhood, one 3 blocks from the former mayor's house. Increased female death seems to be holding as a trend.
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