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Bitch-Titted Bantus?
Crackpot Mailbox: Commenting on a 4chan Thread
Bitch-Titted Bantus, skateboarding milk duds, graham crackers [my favorite], narrow-assed faggots, nu-niggas, weak-niggas, macarooncoons, Oreos, tootsie fools, bitch-ass niggas and other demeaning terms have I heard applied to Millenial and Zoomer African Americans by their elder ebony statesman of the streets.
So I was thrilled when Luther emailed me that I was mentioned in what is a pretty hilarious thread on something called 4chan, which I visited for the first time on this link, which probably makes me the last person reading this to discover that font of dissent.

You are mentioned.

It is only the perception of African American men in the media as being more masculine than other men that is changing.
Feral palefaces like myself have long known that such men are not more masculine, not stronger, not better fighters, not better shooters, etc., but simply different.
Yes, I suppose I will be hanged in some way for suggesting that African American men are different, as a rule with some few exceptions, than others.
The main things that have always been different about ebony men as opposed to ivory men which have not changed are this:
-1. they verbalize more, especially leading up to a violent act
-2. they act with less forethought, which helps them in the short term and hurts them in the long term
-3. they are more violent as individuals
-4. they are exponentially more violent as a group, with a more virulent mob impulse than other types of people
-5. though most will engage in violence as opposed to most European American men being unwilling to engage in violence, they—perhaps for reason #2—have a much lower psychological breaking point than those European American men who will volunteer for violence, which is related to two factors:
a) its a bigger pool of subjects
b) African American men were as a rule more deeply emasculated than their counterparts from the 1960s when their family structure was destroyed by welfare, as opposed to others having their family structure destroyed in the 1980s through drugs and divorce.
The fact was back in the day and remains true today, that ebony men are roughly 40 times more likely to commit violence than ivory men. But, they tend not to have much resolve, with most being cowards and requiring verbal escalation and/or pack dynamics to kick off a violent act. It might just be that the reason why ivory men who fight ebony men tend to prevail is simply because so few ivory men can be brought to behave like a traditional man and fight, so that there is a preselection for ivory combatants as mentally stronger. In fact, most ebony on ivory violence does not feature any notable resistance and rarely counter attacks from the ivory target of ebony ire.
Indeed, ivory men willing to fight, are regarded with a supernatural dread by ebony criminals. Quiet ivory men with resolve strike more terror because about the only really effective lone ebony antagonists are those who can keep their mouth shut until it is time to strike.
For the most part, comparing ivory people to ebony people is an exercise similar to comparing sissies to women, with most ebony male behavior typing like middle-aged Caucasian crack whore behavior.
Yes, most brothers are bitches and they all know it.
Such is the misunderstood nature of two sissy races, one guilty and one angry.
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Mr. Bo DanglesJanuary 13, 2020 8:43 PM UTC

4chan is some wild shit. I ain't seen it either home stump.