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Crackpot Mailbox: Shep, Megan, TheAutumnal Sun and Some Crackpot Discuss the Endtimes


This place is a real shit show since you left. they shot 11 and killed 5 on Saturday then the coons turned around and shot another 13 on Sunday! My brother told me we would not be going to the polish festival because it was in East Baltimore and we'd have to walk 5 blocks—five blocks in Baltimore is like going to war. Fuck that! At work they told us not to say anything when they don't pay for their groceries—just watch them walk out the door! Must be nice to be the color of innocence!

Random Thoughts from the Heart of Darkness, by Fred Reed - The Unz Review
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Jan 14, 11:03 PM (13 hours ago)

STD map ranks Baltimore as worst US city for sexually transmitted diseases – see where YOUR town stands – The US Sun
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Jan 14, 11:08 PM (13 hours ago)

How Deadly Were Rifles and Shotguns in Baltimore in 2019? | Blog Posts |
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Jan 14, 11:16 PM (13 hours ago)

Shep, that local newspaper link attacked my computer so I couldn't read it. I hope the wife is going to get to choose a second if the duel comes off.
The murder rate in Baltimore now takes on a Puritanical Christian cast—these guys are all wannabe Solomon Kanes purifying the filth of fornication. You know, I have always feared shanking Bantus in Baltimore for this very reason.
It is astounding that there are still people in this country who think that gun laws have ever been intended for any reason other than to disarm ghost folk against the day that the ebony hordes were unleashed upon us to cleanse the land of our evil presence.
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