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Through Traffic
Crackpot Mailbox: Lynn, James, and Rubik Discuss Poor Urban Integration
Lynn Lockhart
Jan 15, 2020, 8:14 PM (4 hours ago)
Here's the guy who thinks I'm ridiculous!

There are stated reasons for building a certain way that breaks up easily accessible residential street patterns into cul de sacs and swirly streets and so on. In hipster faggot land, traffic is conceived as being speeding boomers and zoomers running over non-existent children.
In Harm City and Harm County, dead ends are a key crime deterrent, because:
-1. Bus lines are on front streets and subsidized housing tends to be on back streets, like in low rise apartments raised in wooded lots behind a working or middle class residential area up against railroad tracks, highways and rivers. Look at the Baltimore Travel Guide for this. This means that the Yutes using bus lines will walk through a grid neighborhood as a matter of course, notice when no one is home, and do burglaries. When people are home they will conduct beatdowns on the street.
-2. In transitional times mass transit criminalizes an area by putting brood mothers in section eight dwellings, permitting their spawn to fan out in the area and commit crimes. The Owings Mills bedroom community built in the 1980s in Baltimore County, Maryland featured light rail to get workers to the inner city for ball games and office time. It is now a ghetto, with hoodrats blowing back into the suburb like blood into a heroin syringe within ten years.
-3. Any dead end, whether a peninsula or cul de sacs, make crime riskier for the Yutes, who rightly prefer to walk in one way, do their crime, and run out another way to avoid doing time. The hoodrat's greatest logistical fear is single egress.
-4. Yutes use buses [I have been on buses with 15-strong packs of raiders who dismount all at once and break up into smaller packs and fan out] to get to crime zones, then fan out, do their crime and get picked up by their adult handlers, run and walk to another bus line, with stolen wallets and smart phones easily concealed, or even walk all the way home, or they boost a car and drive back to the hood where they leave it at a chop shop. Buses have bike racks on the front used by teams of Yutes and their Mormon opposites to range widely in metropolitan areas. Large quantities of cocaine and heroin have long been moved by bus in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, guns as well. All you need is a backpack, like everybody else on the bus. For raiding no backpack is worn, rather they are taken from poor dishwashers and clerks headed home from work. Mister Rubik is obviously not much of a criminal.
-5. Once predation advances to roving carloads of men committing muggings and home invasions, cul de sacs give wrap-around witness angles and make double passes of the same target or location more conspicuous. There are only 5 houses in that cul de sac. A single grid block will have 20 row houses. Any thinking person in a cul de sac who sees a carload of Yutes roll up knows that they have a high probability of being targets. But a car cruising down a street of row homes, well, who knows—that street stretches for a hundred houses. They might live down the way...
Ultimately, cul de sacs and enclaves, like Dickeysville in Baltimore City [look it up on google earth] or Liberty Heights, are defeated by anarcho-tyranny engineers by dropping a low rise housing project between the back of the enclave and an impassable feature, river, interstate or railroad, resettling 60 breeding hoodrat mammas in these new dens and letting human nature take its course—and watch that real estate flip at low equity rates as Jamal and Tyrone seek those four hundred years worth of reparations.
What do these fuckers steel?
Not arm-fulls of electronics. That was a 1970s thing.
They want:
-card—and your pin number, bitch or its yo ass!
-food, that's right, they will eat your leftover pizza while slapping your weak ass around
-smart phone [they will get $30 each from Latino or Asian fences]
-your dog for pitbull bait—really these are the first things to get snagged
-your muvafuckin car—cracka!
-your wife's pussy—she a ugly bitch but she white...
Hoodrats do no fear surveillance, and since they are mostly under 18 it cannot be used on social media or the news to identify them. In fact, Pauli was killed on camera on Highland Avenue, by three Patterson Park Highschool students wearing school uniforms, their faces clear as day and the BPD did not file charges. Shoot, these savages film each other beating up elderly people and then post it on Worldstar hip hop.
Mister Rubik illustrates quite neatly the fact that non-criminal Caucasians will never be able to fathom the workings of the predatory mind, will always miss stage 1-5 of the suburban death roll and when stage 6 blows up in their face they will be saying to the news camera that their neighborhood was just fine until this one fella got shot on their stoop while passing through on his way to turn in his student loan application so that he could become a brain surgeon...
Grid behavior, motorist
Grid behavior, pedestrian
Grid behavior, pack
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