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Under the Bus-Over the Bus
Will My Nephew be Okay as a Harm City Fire Fighter? Margie May Needs to Know
[written 11/4/19]
“My son is now training with the Baltimore Fire department. It’s such a violent place and it’s so scary that he is there. Will he be okay?”
-Gen X, Margie
Unlike the Baltimore City Police Department, the Fire Department is highly respected, as they have not waved entrance exam standards to the obvious degree that the police have. That fire department, due to the huge vacancy and high rental rates in the city, has a very high reputation. Indeed, Ladder 48 was filmed in Baltimore for that reason. This brings to mind the problem with being a pale American today, now that private companies are more aggressive with prejudicial hiring than governments, to such an extent that any paleface without a masters degree is an economic dead-letter unless he starts his own business. If your son is a joiner, what kind of government job holds out promise, and to what end?
Generally, the only traditionally masculine employment roles open to pale American working men henceforth will be:
-Maintaining Infrastructure
Outside of these areas he must be creative.
For young folks of any race or gender, government jobs, with that promise of a pension, are increasingly the last promising resort in our outsourced service economy—so here it goes, the two worst, Big-Dying-City jobs, are:
Cops are being discredited and thrown under the bus by their political masters and their traditional media allies to make way for federal policing, and to be used as grunts, scapegoats and social fire brigades, in an era when the powers that be wish to fan rather than douse those very social flames.
Public school teachers, in Baltimore for instance, are attacked at a higher rate than any other profession in the nation, including MMA fighters, bar bouncers, boxers, cab drivers, hookers and drug dealers. This is the human cost of selling one’s soul to the state indoctrination engine of a culture in terminal, planned and managed decline. I know a Baltimore city public School teacher who will be sued for her student loans by the city if she quits her job, who has been repeatedly attacked by adult-sized Yutish warriors, and has been told by her boss that if she calls the police while, or after being attacked, she will be fired and sued. This is a kind of slavery. Avoid teaching at all costs.
The two Baltimore City government jobs to take are:
Fire Fighter, if you can do the work, is the best, as the federal government prizes fire fighters as first responder auxiliaries and even as the murder victims in Deep State operations. Fire fighters are important in flipping real estate, and are detailed to set fires, blame them on the homeless [who certainly don’t want an abandoned house to squat in out of the driving rain] and then put them out to facilitate gentrification. Furthermore, cops, while not permitted to protect themselves in many cases, are directed to protect fire fighters. Indeed, in Baltimore City, cops and fire fighters bang the same whores at bull roasts and fund raisers, where the girls set up in the women’s room an unsavory brothel…
Finally, what was once a miserable job, where Maryland Transit Authority bus operators were beaten every day by Yutish warriors, has become an excellent gig. The bus lines have been updated to facilitate the ongoing mass migration of Central American, African and Southwest Asian replacement populations. The operator drives in a protected cage, is protected by local, state and federal anti-terrorism laws and camera arrays and even MTA cops dedicated to jacking up unruly passengers.
So, in the Baltimore of today, test-case federal repopulation experiment, and of the near future, cops and teachers are getting thrown under the bus-of-state and fire fighters and bus drivers are at the wheel.
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