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Girl Scent
Crackpot Mailbox: the Grey Ghost wants to Know about Not Being Sniffed Out By Your Frail
[written 11/4/19]
“Okay, I didn’t do anything wrong—not that I didn’t want to. But I know women have this ability to smell other women on you. You’ve written about this before. So, what do I do?”
Being bald helps.
Beard, chest hair, etc., hold the most chemical evidence of your innocent victimization.
Of course, this isn’t just smell. These creatures communicate with each other using us as hormonal signposts.
What follows is a system I used for maximum deniability, any part of which will help.
Wash your beard with beer, then Irish Spring, then an unscented soap.
A hot bath after your shower should purge most of the rest.
If it was a tryst, do not use the concubine’s deodorant thinking that will help.
As a final measure, afterwards, work up a sweat on your way home.
Stopping off at an old man bar where they still smoke inside, never worked for me, as the stale smoky tavern atmosphere seems to enhance slave girl trace scents.
Sweaty strippers with long hair hanging on you at the bar, seem to stink you up just as much as a normal woman who actually has sex with you. So don’t think that because you did not do anything wrong, that you are home free.
Good luck.
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