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‘What Are the Aspects of American Atomization Most Striking to You Since the 1970s?’ Nero the Pict Asks
[written on 11/4/19]
“So what would be the things that were so solid in your youth—or childhood—that have totally changed, in a negative way, from your childhood to now?”
One, the Big One, is divorce. Mine was the first broken home that I knew of. In fact, when my parents were divorced, the guys my age were told they could no longer play sports with us or socialize with my brother and I—there was that much stigma associated with it, and that was in 1978 Pennsylvania.
Two, is ethnic awareness. In my childhood and youth, everyone, of every race, knew that if we were going to be attacked by strangers, that it would be by a certain minority. People would assume, “Oh, the n0&%$#@ will get you.” These days, most people assume that all ethnicities attack us through a random mechanism, without malice or fault, as a helpless expression of economic pressure and legacy social injustice, and seek a means to blame the target of racial aggression and absolve the perpetrator.
Three, fat kids. When I was a kid, a given school class of 30 children would have 0 to 2 overweight children. These would usually be people with medical problems or mental handicaps of some kind. These days, it seems that between 5 and 10 of such a number of children will be overweight, which is a huge difference.
Four, every neighborhood I ever lived in or visited in 4 Mid-Atlantic states, as a child or youth, would see self-organized mixed-age sports activities: tag, kick the can, soccer, football, basketball, wiffle ball, smear the queer, etc. In the scores of neighborhoods in cities and suburbs I have walked through, worked in, coached in or lived in since 1990, I have only witnessed this once, in the Ridgely Oak, Baltimore County area, last year, and those kids now stay inside after numerous gang stompings of young men in the area. A week ago, I watched a mob beat a boy of about 10 on his way to school one block away. Thus four certainly relates to three.
Five, beginning in 1990, for the first time, I noticed youth of the Master Race attacking and threatening adults of the Guilt Race, beginning with me, as junior high school boys threatened to kill me from their classroom windows while attending school. Previously, I had never experienced or heard of adults being threatened and attacked by children and youth, within, or across, racial lines.
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