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Adam Smith, Neanderthal, WQ
Crackpot Podcast #73: Adam Smith Author of Exit Strategy
It has been a pleasure to appear on Adam's Myth of the 20th Century podcasts, to meet him in person, and to read his book, Exit Strategy. I believe we recorded this when I was in Punky's guestroom in Pittsburgh in October 2019...
Lynn did an awesome job publishing that book and all her books are looking so good I'm starting to feel like a real writer.
Time Stamps:
0:02:20 Exit Strategy, question from John Paul Barber
0:15:50 Growing weed in the era of decriminalization & Plantation America
0:35:40 Why are people unhappy? The evolution of empire
1:02:10 Anonymity
1:29:30 The Woman Question red scare girls pic
1:50:00 (Approx) Yuri Besmenov video
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