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Crackpot Mailbox: VAB, Greg, Bob, Riley, Autumnal Sun, Baruch, CK Pimp, Bill, Betty, Man from Uncle and Clint Eastwood!
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Sun, Jan 19, 2:56 AM
We need to bring back parts of medieval law, such as trial by combat, which one lawyer has argued, is still within the power of courts to order.
In litigious America, where some civil cases take years to resolve, trial by combat will get it over quickly, giving parties sure resolution, for here will be no disappointed party left standing.
Just a quick story of situational awareness ... I was working on a farm, and one job was to clear blackberry, knotted into a massive fig tree, around a well and windmill.
Classic machete stuff. The windmill looked sound. Anyway, I cleared three sides, and was about to cut on the fourth , when the ground started to give way. I sprung back, like a snake. Carefully holding onto the well structure, I saw a massive sink hole where I was going to put my feet, 100 foot drop. The fig tree's roots had collapsed the side of the well. If I had fallen in, I would have died down there.
It took the rest of the day to carefully remove everything, making sure i was roped up. then I had to find old material to cover up a hole going down to hell. All in a day's work, for peanuts.
Viking Age Barbarian (VAB)

Thu, Jan 16, 7:55 AM (9 days ago)
James and Lynn,
I listened to the podcast on Dogs and was thoroughly entertained. James, I 100% agree with you about dogs. As a postman I have to deal with these asshounds on a daily basis like you had to deal with the hoodrats of Baltimore on a daily basis. I see more dogs lose their minds over my presence than people. I also see dogs go after other dogs in the middle of traffic and hope that these brutes get run over. Your enlightened despot policy of dog culling, if you were King James, I would vote for, that is, if I were a member of the elite parliament.
Thanks for that episode.

In The Pines
Sun, Jan 19, 12:43 AM
Grown on up likes I was in the pines, I lived this song in its every iteration, most times scuffin’ down trails towards something at least. Goes well with rails.
Sent from Riley

The Secret Life of George and Bill... but Unusable
Sun, Jan 19, 6:59 PM
The Man with No Name

Sheep, wolves, sheepdogs
Sun, Jan 19, 6:05 PM (6 days ago)
The religious shepherd metaphor is obviously limited, since God doesn't need anything material from us-nor can we give Him anything material. The metaphor only means gratitude for His looking out for us and protecting us from things we at best perceive dimly as they threaten us, and have no control over. And surely as someone who has lived on the edge as long as you have, you know how many times your fate has depended on things outside your control, and maybe your reckoning. When I think about it, for me it's many times a day that my life hangs by a hair. This is the sheep/shepherd model. Not that God milks me, shears me and eats my children, God forbid-that's the government's preferred model, as you pointed out.
What we can give Him is sovereignty-meaning that without our conscious and free choice, He can not be a called our king. He can, of course, be a tyrant, imposing His will through superior force-but that's not kingship or sovereignty, that's just dictatorship. A different model, with different limitations, describing a different aspect of reality.
For yet another model, which you may find closer to heart given your recent mountain hiking experience, here's Psalm 104:
And here's a very powerful rendition of the Hebrew original:
You know, King David was a shepherd and scholar before he was a warrior, then a gangster insurgent, and then a king, and his psalms draw from every one of those aspects.

90 Miles From Tyranny : Someday, ... Your Kind Will Pray For A Man With A Sword...
Mon, Jan 20, 11:12 AM

Tori, the Target manager who was Tweet-shamed by an irate cheapskate, just got a $30,000 vacation
Mon, Jan 20, 11:52 PM
Hope all is well brother. Sending this in case you haven’t yet heard of Target Tori, avatar of abused retail employees. The customer seems somehow foreign in a way I can’t describe.
-Man from Uncle

Tue, Jan 21, 8:51 AM
Hey there! You might be interested in this.
Father strangles coyote after it attacked his son

Tue, Jan 21, 4:39 PM
Mate, tell me this is not true ... if it is then we must be in Hell, literally.
Bill the Bottle-o

7:57 PM

4 acres of horse manure in NYC
CK Pimp
Thu, Jan 23, 11:23 AM
I was just listening to your Adam Smith Crackpot broadcast yesterday, and re-heard this part today, just now.
I’m gonna guess where the four acres of horse manure was just based on 20 years living in Manhattan and my sense of smell:
At or about the present 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue, where one can transfer from the in bound Queens E train to the uptown Manhattan 6 train —right there, through the station plaza, at the head of the 6 train uptown platform —there’s a horse manure smell. Still. Course it depend on the weather, but the smell comes through the wall. And I’m pretty sure it’s horse manure and not some ongoing human waste plumbing issue.
CK Pimp, formerly on the 6 with J-Lo

Man, Richard Jewell Hit Home! - American Thinker
The Autumnal Son
Fri, Jan 24, 1:04 PM
Who do you want to play you in the James LaFond biopic movie?
James LaFond <>
Fri, Jan 24, 2:34 PM
Christian Bale

Rooster kills man on way to cockfight
Fri, Jan 24, 8:28 PM (23 hours ago)
Go Rooster! Asshole probably thought he had some sort of bond. Even a chicken can get a clue.
Sent from Riley
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