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Bronze Age Optics
Crackpot Mailbox: A Discussion of Canned meat with Teutonic Fist
Bronce Age Optics
Jan 16, 2020, 10:16 PM (10 days ago)
Just found out the Total War Series gets a new addon about the trojan war, which i find realy nice since i like the Rome Series for most part.
Check out these mycenaean optics.
I find armor fascinating since when you learn its functions and the reasoning and development behind it you quickly figure out that this stuff was made by people who had to be warriors, engineers and learned about human atonomy all i one. Also through history it follows always the pattern of necessaty and cost effectivness. When you had states armies like under Alexander and in Rome there was always the slowest progress, least protection and even regress when you compare late roman equitment with like first or second century. During the middle ages there was the fastest progress, which is a bit of a bummer for history bugs when they watch movies and see armor that is like 100 or even 1000 years apart on screen, just because some hollywood soyfaggot writer thought it looked cool. And ironicaly when it reached its peak there along comes the gun and ruines everything.
You know i had no problem with it if guns would disapear tomorrow like in "dies the fire". Cause i think axe and spear make for may better entertainment and repalance social structures where not every little faggot can pull a trigger and be equal. I despise this idea more and more by the day and think these kids who knife each other in london are on the right track. Recently saw a surviallence video where two sandpeople stab another one of their kind prison style. One grabs the guy from behind and the other one does these fast stabs from the front, like realy fast. And i was like "woah prison style dude" and the next moment i thought "how fucked up is it that i know that this sort of stabbing is "prison style" because i saw it so often in entertainment formats". Now the UK goes full medieval on its peasantry and knifes don't even have points anymore.
There is this popular myth that ownership of arms was heavyly regulated in medieval europe and that english peasants were not allowed to own pointy stabby things that could penetrate the lords armor, but that is just a myth. Most popular ideas about the middle ages are anti-feudalist propaganda by afeminine faggots like Voltair and Russou and they wiggled its way into popular culture like in braveheart with its "right of the first night" and fat faggot hacks like R. R. Martin copy it. Thinking about it this shit realy just lives on in american popculture cause, you know, cause of anti-monarchist and anti-english setiments.
I can't wait for these kids to kill each other with point sticks and slingshots in open battle, crushing each other with big rocks.
One of their warbands clad in coat of plates salvaged from plastic garbage containers occupying Buckingham Palace, decapitating the royal family, declaring their Chief Nbugu the new King of England. Their Banner made of human skin, human faces, framed with the checkered cloth of british police uniforms. The UK breaking into rivaling fiefdoms like the Sultanat of Sussex, Norf FC. and the Tesco Khananate. Thats what i'am waiting for.

I share your exact passion for reverse colonialism, a wish for an Iron Age takeover of the Information Age pushover.
It would bring out the best in those who remain and hopefully usher back in a new feudal age. Feudalism was the furnace that forged the most honorable and most overachieving martial races, the Japanese race and the European races.
Feudalism is hated by Modern thinkers because:
-It preserves resources with cyclic economy
-It promotes heroism
-It requires spirituality
-It requires personal obligation
-It promoted localism and community
-Promotes the idea that the king protects the poor from the rich
The final sin is the big dog. Feudalism kept much of pagan European tradition alive. When it died the hollowing of the tree of life accelerated.
There was a book I read titled Life in a Medieval Village, which listed axe murders as expected. Axes work against any kind or armor. The knight maintained his superiority by being highly trained, better fed and mounted, able to trample your ass with his half-ton steed.
Interestingly, feudalism successfully defended against imperialism of the Arabic, Berber and Turkic stripes, discovered the New World and achieved better weaponry and armor than Imperial Rome with the same technology and science. The lorica segmentata, the distinctive Roman stripped steel armor used in every movie, was really siege engineer armor and the guys getting it done on the battlefield in the age when that armor was in play, were allied soldiers and mercs armored more like the Republican legions and the Vikings, including many Germanic warriors.
There were a lot of things not very chivalrous about the medieval scheme of life, but the idea that the political order owed the common man protection, was intact, a belief that did not survive impact with the banking structure brought into full bloom by the adventure of late medieval discovery.
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MRTJanuary 27, 2020 3:01 PM UTC

"and most overachieving martial races, the Japanese race and the European races." I wouldn't say that about the Japanese , they just stayed on their island, the Portuguese brought them the firearms .

How about the turkic tribes? Not my favorites of peoples as you may have guessed , but come from Siberia kicked all the pale faces out of Central Asia , traded white women in east/north Europe, conquered Persia and changed it forever unfortunately, were in reality the Mogul in India, were the Mameluks (take a look at Saoudi Arabias name) , ruled all of Islam and ("feudalism successfully defended against imperialism of the Arabic, Berber and Turkic stripes") Never lost from western ghost people , never , at the end the even settled on the holiest places of the western civilization so much so that you have Hellenic looking people from the coasts of Asia minor larping as Yakut descendants flashing grey wolf signs in ..Germany.The only people to beat them and colonize them were the Russians.
responds:January 28, 2020 2:04 PM UTC

What the Japs did after 1860 is similar to what the Mongols achieved, straddling entire technological ages in their conquest. I would argue that both used Aryan technology suites.