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Machete Season
Crackpot Mailbox: Bryce Sharper on Patrol
Bereft Coast Hackathon!
Wed, Jan 22, 10:18 PM (4 days ago)
My wife saw a dope fiend open-carrying a tomahawk in the Safeway today. She said he had it in some sort of holster. I was bummed I missed it because I wanted to see how he was carrying it. Maybe I should start doing the same? They're not prosecuting for that sort of thing anymore, you know.
The Age of Honor is upon us. It's going to be a mixed bag, but entertaining to say the least! I might do OK. It's all happening as Sir John GLubb foretold.

Okay, Bryce, I want you to reign in the enthusiasm for the throwing axe as a carry weapon.
It's no good for defense.
Carry a machete, I would say the Kershaw forestry machete or anything made by Cold Steel, because with a machete your beat [block] can take off a hand, especially a hand wielding a hatchet of some sort.
I like the hand axe for the bedroom, on the table next to my pillow.
Finally, an age dawning when men can be men again!
Make sure to sharpen your sword and bolt the door.
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