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'The Sphinx is His Cousin'
H.P. Lovecraft's Cat's of Ulthar read by Swain Laughlin
Swain Laughlin, Host of Duckschland Uber Alles on, contacted me last week and actually offered to record some audiobooks for me.
He sent along a sample of his work, demonstrating a deep, resonant voice and an excellent sense of narrative cadence.
I cringe when I hear my readings of my work and would never curse my fiction with my wan mud-mouthed voice. So, I am thrilled that, in good time, among the proofed and edited versions of the fiction forwarded to Swain, that he will choose whichever titles fit his fancy and then record one, and hopefully another in his unaffected masculine tone.
The story itself is a wonder of dark fable, a weird tale concerning the occupants of "an old hovel under the dark trees" on the outskirts of Ulthar, who habitually slew cats that strayed near their sinister habitation. A train of wandering mystics, a plague-orphaned boy among them, enter the fablescape and complete one of H.P. Lovecraft's most pleasing yarns, a story that runs less than ten minutes.
Thank you, Swain—and thanks again.
There will be no full-length audio recordings of any of my non-fiction while I live, at most promotional samples poorly read by myself. If a reader wants an audio-treatment of a nonfiction book, they must contact Lynn for an e-pub of one of the Crackpot titles published since 2018.
Note that proceeds from e-pubs and the upcoming banned books Barbarism versus Civilization and the print version of Autumn in a Dying City, will go towards coving Lynn's publishing expenses, which shall hopefully keep the Right Lady on the Left Coast out of the red.
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