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Skewing the Facts
How the Felonious Buggers of Insemination and other Government Goon Pods Lie with Facts
[written on 11/19/19 and rewritten on 1/24/20]
“The researchers used the FBI’s definition of a “mass murder” — four or more people killed, excluding the perpetrator — and applied it to shootings in one public place. The dataset stretches back to August 1, 1966, when a former Marine opened fire from an observation deck at the University of Texas, killing 15 people.”
“The database delivers a number of arresting findings. Mass shootings are becoming much more frequent and deadly: Of the 167 incidents the researchers logged in that 53-year period, 20% have occurred in the last five years, and half since 2000.”
• K-12 shooters: White males, typically students or former students of the school, with a history of trauma. Most are suicidal, plan their crime extensively, and make others aware of their plans at some point before the shooting. They use multiple guns that they typically steal from a family member.
• College and university shooters: Non-white males who are current students of the university, are suicidal, and have a history of violence and childhood trauma. They typically use legally obtained handguns and leave behind some sort of manifesto.
• Workplace shooters: Fortysomething males without a specific racial profile. Most are employees of their targeted location, often a blue-collar job site, and have some grievance against the workplace. They use legally purchased handguns and assault rifles.
• Place of worship shooters: White males in their 40s, typically motivated by hate or domestic violence that spills out into public. Their crimes typically involve little planning.
• Shooters at a commercial location (such as a store or restaurant): White men in their 30s with a violent history and criminal record. They typically have no connection to the targeted location and use a single, legally obtained firearm. About a third show evidence of a “thought disorder,” a term for a mental health condition, like schizophrenia, that results in disorganized thinking, paranoia, or delusions.

So, what we have here, is a failure to accurately communicate, the fact that mass shootings are specifically categorized by a government need to type Caucasian owners [the type of people second only to Asian in the low rate of violence] of long guns [the guns least often used in crimes] as the prime threat to public spaces. The fact is, one untrained ebon warrior running around emptying his handgun into a crowd, will not be able to kill 4 though he will usually hit 2 or 3.
In this way, the fact that 150 urban thugs conduct over 700 shootings, killing 342 and wounding over 600 in Baltimore, Maryland, is not regarded by The System of Control as as worrisome as one nut with a rifle killing four people. Part of this is the fact that The System has declared that “black lives matter” only when they are taken by “whites.”
Certainly, though, the real reason why mass shooting categorization has been crafted in such a way as to exclude incompetent shooters [such as the two hoodrats who hosed down 8 people in Seattle last week and only killed 1, making them, according to FBI logic not mass shooters] and those who use weapons which are militarily ineffective, such as handguns. This very system of crime definition suggests that the Feral Board of Insemination has, since 1966, been concerned primarily with rendering U.S. citizens incapable of resistance to military and paramilitary police action.
Even so, two of the five categories were non-white males. Interestingly, these males are considered incapable of hate by the agency, with only “whites” seemingly capable of actionable hatred. This runs counter to everything I have learned about people during the course of my hate-filled life.
Our masters have spoken.
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