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Night Song of the Nords
Or Eye of the Dictor Complete
On January 29 I had the notion to write this novella in three days, something I have done with a few works of that length which came fully formed into my mind. Illness, a flood and even booze intervened, so what happened was the long easy road. As I completed this fiction I wrote 15 articles of various sorts.
Progress of Night Song of the Nords, January 29 thru February 13
1/29: 3,614
2/2: 6,198
2/8: 7,179
2/8: 8,243
2/9: 9,087
2/9: 11,528
2/10: 12,685
2/10: 17,146
2/11: 18,183
2:11: 18,727
2/12: 19,872
2/12: 20,904
2/13: 22,332
2/13: 23,437
2/13: 23,484
I initially intended a 17,000 word myopic novella and ended up at 23,437 by adding the enemy perspective and making it into dualopic.
Thank you all for your support in these endeavors of the word.
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