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Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist and James Discuss Plantation American Trade in Soldiers
We Americans are taught that solders are volunteers and patriots and that mercenaries are high-dollar gamblers with their lives. However, through most of the modern era the soldier was a slave, beaten by a gang, dragged to barracks, put in uniform, marched around and beaten, then marched around and starved, then marched around and shot and torn to pieces by cannon and sheared to the bone by rich horsemen all for the gory glory of kings, for who he was merely a brilliantly dressed, starving, diseased, doomed and hated pawn whose chess player cared more about the quality of wine his opposing general drank, than the fate of those men whose lives he spent like chips at a poker table...

Mercenary Trade to the Colonies
Teutonic Fist
Thu, Feb 13, 3:05 PM
to the colonies from hesse-kassel between 1694 to the end of the american war.:
" The later poet Johann Gottfried Seume was also among this "rabble". The unrest had gripped him during his studies in Leipzig. He decided to sell his books and made his way to Paris. He only came to Hessen. There, Werber(Pressgangers) picked him up, tore up his papers and threw him to the other recruits in the Ziegenhain fortress. His "comrades were a lost minstrel from Jena, a bankrupt merchant from Vienna, a trimmings maker from Hanover, a deposed post clerk from Gotha, a monk from Würzburg, a senior official from Meiningen, a Prussian hussar sergeant, a former major from the fortress in Hesse and others of a similar stamp ". The prisoners made escape plans, but there was no escape from the clutches of the military. Like so many before him, Seume complied with his fate and tried to make friends with his good sides: "In the end I didn't get angry anymore; you have to live everywhere: where so many come through, you'll also have to swim across the ocean Inviting enough for a young guy, and there was something to see beyond. " "
After his service in the colonies Seume returned to Hessen, enlisted as Officer and fought in service of the russian army against polish rebels.
"This was not the sold slaughter cattle, the fate of which Friedrich Schiller would later denounce so loudly. However, one should ask the reasons. On the Morea, German mercenaries had defected to the Turks at every opportunity, and it is unlikely that the drill masters' sticks should have suddenly caused them greater loyalty. But unlike in most armies, the majority of Hessian mercenaries consisted of children of the country, whose relatives were held liable for deserters. The common people were recruited through the so-called cantonal system, through which each regiment was assigned a specific recruitment area, namely a canton. In a way, the Hessians were conscripts rather than real mercenaries. In addition, the English had spread fairy tales about the cruelty of the rebels. But above all, you felt on the safe side of the victors, and the war was rarely more than a banter compared to the slaughter in Europe. It was later often emphasized that of the 19,000 Hesse sold, only about 10,500 returned after six years. But Frederick the Great achieved such loss rates even in his victorious battles. By contrast, only 535 of the Hessians had died in battle by the end of the war, over 4,000 had died of illnesses and 3,000 had voluntarily stayed in America after the peace agreement."

This is the cruelest kind of soldier sale.
The king of a nation forces its children to muster under arms, filling out ranks with criminals and men who have no master or are travelling or drinking, being press-ganged.
The traitor king then rents his men as a unit to another king and any of them who desert, will cause their family held home as hostages to suffer some cruelty or penalty.
This was a rented army of conscripts and conscripts are nothing but war-slaves and can be described rationally under no other status.
To be forced to fight to the death for the super-elite while one's family is held in shame or as hostages at home, is a particularly nasty brand of slavery. For this reason, among others, the puppet-master class have employed their academic lackeys over the later half of the Modern Age and into its postscript as lying priests of vile deception who permit the categorization of slavery only as the bondage of racial aliens.
In my mind, any who believe this highly stilted elite view of slavery as exclusively racial and all other forms of cruel bondage as being for the bond soul's own good, those foolish worshippers of the Lie deserve to become its subject and be sold themselves into never-ending toil.
Thank you, sir, for this revelation of common practices past now concealed beneath the fool's patina of domestic bliss we call Western Civilization.
For a fable of a time when all understood that those not rich or wild were slaves, click on the tag at the top of this page titled The Old Conductress, a summation of Voltaire's Candide, which will be included as a contextual element of this study in Volume 10: American Spartacus.
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Steve LovettFebruary 29, 2020 5:06 PM UTC

I was taught in school that the the soldiers hired by Great Britain to fight on the British side during the American Revolution were mercenaries, but I don’t think thats accurate.Whether a draft board picks your number or a press gang grabs you up amounts to the same thing,after all if you don’t report after being drafted the police will grab you up eventually,voila the police are the modern press gang.

A mercenary fights voluntarily for pay for a country or cause not his own.I think using mercenaries is a more honest and humane way to form an army.

And comes to that our all volunteer military isn’t far off from being a mercenary force,surely no one in the US military can possibly believe they get sent to fight for any noble purpose.

I can certainly foresee a time when the US uses contractors to fight its wars.After all private military contractors (PMC’s)are mostly all former military guys, and usually you’re required to be a combat vet.While presently PM ‘s only perform defensive tasks it would be no trick at all to convert them to pure mercenary work .

I just completed a training course for a deployment to Afghanistan,for a PMC,the things I absolutely had to no shit qualify on to go to work were the weapons quals,including belt fed machine guns.The rest of the training was not a no shit have to qual.
responds:March 1, 2020 4:51 PM UTC

Thanks for this Steve.
Ruben ChandlerFebruary 28, 2020 8:50 PM UTC

Book, book, book......I love reading about this time period! Especially your take on things. Hope all is well bro!
responds:March 1, 2020 4:53 PM UTC

Thanks so much, man!

You help me keep going.