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Pimp versus Simp
Burger Joint Combat JohnPaul Barber Reporting
JohnPaul Barber
Mon, Mar 2, 1:37 PM (2 days ago)
Hey James,
Check out this phenomenal display of balance. A fight breaks out at McDonald’s, allegedly over Sweet & Sour sauce and the winner doesn’t spill one drop of his coke

Huzzah for the old school pimp.
In honor of Malcolm X and Redds Foxx, our man in white is a stylish quadroon with Irish hair—a relative of Tyson Fury do doubt, squaring off against this shiftless mulatto...
Note how he holds his weight between his hips but places one foot sneakily forward. This is so that he can shift his head and shoulders forward after defending against a punch and be in close counterpunching range without the need to step.
His opponent has his feet too close together, sticks his chin out and generally does everything wrong.
At about :30 seconds the mugging is set up by gaining balance control by placing the right hand under the left arm of the simp and moving him, establishing in the mind and shadow sense of the pimp that he owned this motherfucker. this relative balance equation can be used to avoid, hit or mug, pull down, etc. The simp has no idea, is busy jawing like his mammy taught him. This could have been a hip toss right here, but he is just setting up the chess pieces. Besides, he done paid for that soda and ain't about to spill it over this chump.
After baiting the boy with an escalating slap, the pimp, at :43, does a waist roll slip and counters wit the lead hand, which is the best way to counter, from the lead and upward. He then gets an old fashion shoe shine from that chump's face rag and ain't done with this bitch yet...
From here he is not even hitting hard, just using balance, and by 1:12 us using classic goon surfing after pulling the boy down by his coat lapel old style, like James J. Corbett of old.
When your grounded bitch does grab you just stiff-arm his head and put the pressure on his pencil neck...
Now, I want y'all ghost boys, pale faces and woke devils to understand, that if tis was you, this shit would still work. the only thing you have to change is not saying the N-word and every ebon warrior in the place will still be cheering the downfall of he who they probably put up to this shit so that they could get a world star hiphop video.
Thanks for making my old-ass day JohnPaul!
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