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The Knee-Brace
Crackpot Podcast #76
Sean, If I find out who that reprobate who was calling for your injured knee to get smacked—I mean to starve him like a refugee...
0:02:00 Conan the dog
0:06:00 James gives completely wrong assessments of skin tones
0:20:50 American Dagda and the Appalachians and other ethnic groupings
0:36:56 Mexico
0:42:20 The immaterial
0:48:30 Gov't sovereignty
0:56:30 Lynching
0:58:30 Classical education
1:02:50 Singapore math & HEMA
1:13:55 Using a pen as a weapon
1:20:10 German police wearing mail, Man Weekend, bodybuilders, video approx 1:24:40
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