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It Came from China
Missives at the End of Infectous Time
Things are a little slow at the crackpot office, where I drink coffee alone across the room from a broke barmaid and am sleeping 14-hours a day and writing history for 6 of the other ten...
So let's crack open the end time mailbox:

I spent the entire weekend reading.
Loved Organa - it was reminiscent of brave new world. I believe you are correct in your speculation that there is a war on masculinity, to be followed by a war on women, with the end game being artificial reproduction.
Also read Your Trojan Whorse - explained succinctly what I've intuitively always known. I can't say that I would have had the discipline to resist my temptations as you have haha.
Taboo You was my favourite. I've always seen through the Lie and its refreshing to to know that others do too.
keep up the good work!
I'm so glad you liked Organa. It's one of my rare rewrites, building it from novelette to novella.
Well, Marius, concerning your stable of mares, as for resisting temptations, I have the convenience of editorial oversight and omission, where your conscience seems to have no such Clintonian externs laboring on its behalf.
Taboo You is actually my second best-selling book. So many men contacted me after its publication—well, just a handful—with a feeling I had spoken for them in that book, that I dramatically increased my circle of training contacts as a result. I was kind of lucky in its composition, literally stumbling upon the concept, the title and the cover all in one chance meeting of a wandering mind.

what passes for marketing
Mon, Mar 9, 5:26 PM (3 days ago)
Corpulent, purple haired future cat lady. Ugh
-Don Tito
I'd prefer a BT-1000 with RestingBitchFace stigmatism...

'Ancient Sword of the Meth King' seized by Michigan police
Mon, Mar 9, 11:19 PM (3 days ago)
Meanwhile, patriot’s weapons are seized for stepping on a crack.
Sent from Riley

Riley, I really like that Meth King sword—like the sword of some space-age ork chieftain in one of my elf-snuffing fantasies...
Thank you.
It does seem that the poleese revel in trophy taking, essentially making the War on Drugs more of an urban big game hunt than anything.
A friend of mine recently came to her niece's house to do some cleaning in Pennsylvania and found a dozen heavily armed Baltimore County cops, waiting without a warrant, in her niece's house, with her niece's daughter of 16 handcuffed on the floor, nor female officer present, all supervised by warrenltess Pennsylvania State Troopers.
It turns out that the ex-husband of the niece had been caught selling drugs in Baltimore County, Maryland. His 18-year-old estranged son, heard about his sister's PIG abduction and showed up and challenged the cops to a fight and kept screaming at the PA State Troopers that he was going to sue them for misconduct and got his sister released and managed not to get arrested. The lady was shocked at how terrified these big, burly, body-armored cops were of this wiry 18-year-old high school wrestler who showed no fear.
The boot is coming down, My Friend.
The Justice War is on and there is only one enemy—and he is a pale horse, long ridden and of late reviled...
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