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'Virus Shopping'
Ghetto Grocer Reports
People are virus shopping. its crazy.
-Miss Ezz by text

Scouting Reports from the Borders of the Grocery Kingdom
8:39 AM (9 hours ago)
It doesn't matter if anybody gets sick at this point the damage to the supply lines is already bein' done. We're workin' three thousand case trucks and not puttin' a dent in the damage folks are doin' to our shelves. We've been outta hand sanitizer and rice for a week. Paper products and water are a travesty.
I've got frantic people tryin' to get into the store after hours. Folks are pullin' knives over toilet paper in Australia. I think the pump's goin' in the car til I stop havin' a reason to go to work. If you don't live in a place big enough to justify FEMA deliverin' care packages and don't have stuff already you may wanna figure out which one of your neighbors was orderin' beans by the pallet last week and hope you don't like 'em too much.

Supermarket locusts
Thu, Mar 12, 11:56 PM (18 hours ago)
Have you ever seen anything like this?
The stores are being stripped. Even storage on top of the shelves is mostly gone.
How will long will meaningful resupply take under good circumstances?
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[Empty shelf picture]
-Man from Uncle

Okay, back in Baltimore, this was normal for snow scares and the after hours customers trying to enter—including cops trying to fuck me up for not opening the store for their own use and drug dealers offering a grand for a gallon of milk, was common on Christmas Eve.
There will be categories of food on grocer shelves for a long time, such as duck liver pate and General Tsoas goat-tail soup.
Bread and milk run daily and fail first.
Normal grocery items are resupplied between 2 and 7 days a week depending on how big the store is, with the biggest stores having the weakest supply chains.
Running out of rice and beans is new and is truly endtime shit.
Go to an independent grocer who will have stockpiles of drop shipment staples, like Geresbeck's and Bi-Rite in Baltimore. These outfits buy in advance and have big stockrooms in relation to floor space.
The shit will really hit the fan in the following cascade:
-Clerks call out at store level and customers want into the stockroom or break in after hours
-Wholesaler employees, including drivers call out
-Wholesalers stop getting stuff from the manufacturer
Each level of failure is exponentially worse than the first.
Me, I just decided its time to lose that next 25 pounds!
I'm eating garlic and drinking coffee and booze with my vitamins.
Enjoy the Fall.
You Mormons—good on you!
You all will outweigh us savages in the final days, so beware of being kidnapped for ransom beans and rice.
Based on the snow that came today, I'd say the Grey God approves and hopefully had a hand in this shit show.
As Dagda points out, men like us, in 5-man crews, bust our asses to keep a full store full. When it gets empty you cannot catch up. Stores are initially filled by big gangs of temporary help supplied by brokerage firms.
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