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Who Made Golf a Sport?
Crackpot Mailbox: More News on Why Civilization Deserves its Fall
Golfer Paige Spiranac, 26, says she's been accused of 'ruining the game' because of her sexy clothes | Daily Mail Online
Thu, Mar 12, 8:13 PM (22 hours ago)
A woman in love with her tits, and why not? I could forgive a lot...
Sent from Riley
Riley, I really wanted a look, but I can't get the site to open. Look, golf is not a sport and I think it should be done in bikinis and only by fit women, just like volley ball.

6:36 AM (12 hours ago)
More golfers it seems...

Nerds did it?
Do you or any of your far-flung legion of agents and acolytes know anyone who has the Yellow Death?
I don't know anyone who has it.
I actually think it's a Deep State bioweapon aimed at mob psychology to test infrastructure collapse without reducing the population more than 5%. It has the reverse effects as the flu of 1919, which killed the young. This is killing people the State wants to be rid of anyhow.
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UrkelMarch 23, 2020 9:08 AM UTC

Me and you true
UrkelMarch 14, 2020 2:54 AM UTC

It‘s the flu.
responds:March 14, 2020 6:10 PM UTC