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Looking at Lockdown
Considering Aspects of the System Test
Below is a blurb sent by Toker concerning one rearing head of System Control.
What might the others be?
Find Crackpot Predictions below the System blow.
"The order makes certain powers available to the mayor, should she choose to use them. WAND17 reports that banning ammunition and firearm sales is one of the powers made available, and the Washington Examiner reports that the order also gives Feinen the power to prohibit sales of alcohol and curtail sales of gasoline."
Read more about the Whore:

What might more system control measures be in this dry-run for Armageddon?
Since the plague has been actively spread via government-regulated mass air travel for 4 to 8 weeks now, expect a clamp down on mass transit once nationwide infection has been achieved, although, sensibly, if one believes in the myth of government as good, this is the first step, not the last. The sheep will welcome it bleating and mewing in their pens.
0. ban on public gatherings
1. mass transit shutdown
2. automobile curfew/ban
3. pedestrian curfew/ban
4. gasoline ban
5. alcohol ban
6. gun ban
7. private gathering ban
8. warrants issued to check private residences and businesses for violations of the above
9. law enforcement latitude to seek warrants after the fact and officer initiative granted for house searches as people sheltering in place will make the Drug War hard to prosecute and the enemy will need be ferretted out of their dens more proactively...
10. free media access cutoffs in the from of banning platforms not trafficking in official system scripts
11. Military Contractors tasked to augment police and national guard
Five of the 12 above were implemented during the control test in Baltimore in April-May 2015.
How many will be implemented in this system-wide test?
One thing I have been warned to consider, is the danger of being arrested for curfew or self-defense crimes as the virus in question seems to be made to attack the aging person and close confinement with the criminal class should insure exposure.
Five days ago I was entering Safeway behind a homeless man who was limping and dropping cash. Dude was in bad shape. I picked up his filthy bills and handed them to him and he wheezed a "Thank you, sir."
It crossed my mind, as I bent over, that I might be exposing myself. But I figured checking out on a positive note would be better than clinging to mean existence, and picked up the dirty bills and tapped him on his shoulder as he limped along in a daze.
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DeniseApril 2, 2020 2:54 AM UTC

JR has it right. I believe this virus was put in place to get us to easily comply with vaccinations and chipping. I've heard that China is making their people download an app that has all their medical, social credit score, and personal information and tracks every where they go, keeping track of their temperature. The typical citizen is already begging for vaccines to protect them from this virus and are glad to give up all of our rights in exchange for safety. They have demanded businesses shut down and are now shocked to find out that companies are laying off workers and seem to think the government should bankroll citizens until this blows over in a month. I'm expecting all hell to break loose in a month or so when reality sets in.
JRMarch 16, 2020 7:38 PM UTC

#12: Roll out of national ID chipping system.

First piece of information will be to check if you've got your government-mandated WuFlu vaccine.

Then your own doors won't unlock if the Amazon supplied and installed device can't get a read on your ID—either leaving or entering.

The biochip will be high-tech branding for the slave chattel that we are.
responds:March 16, 2020 10:38 PM UTC

MannyMarch 15, 2020 10:09 PM UTC

Gay. You should have pocketed the cash and rolled the hobo on his way out.
responds:March 16, 2020 5:47 PM UTC

What do you expect from a boomer faggot like me!

Let's have some realistic expectations!