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The Dao of Juan Stabone
The Last Good Cop is Complete
Any time you wish to request the draft for a PDF before dear Miss Lockhart gets it into print form, feel free to contact her or the author.
The Progress of The Last Good Cop
3/24: Outline, 204 words
3/25: Bump City, 685 words
3/26: Stump City, 667 words, the Atomic Samoan, 778 words
3/27: Use of Force, 375 words, T.O. Yao, 812 words, Cordova Virus Abatement, 811 words, Gone Fishin’, 972 words, Epilogue and Notes, 137 words
3/28: Alley Rally, 1,657 words, Yesiree Ma posse, 1,048 words, Basketlaw, 389 words
3/29: Stole Bitchez, 983 words, Home Fries and Bad Guys, 284 words, Noon High Cream Pie, 842 words, Epilogue and Notes, 137 words
Complete at 11:52 P.M. 3/29/20, for 10,759 words and 86 pages
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