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Hunting Humans in a Sissy City #1
Cindy is a tall strong, good-looking girl who tends to pull the designated driver and cock-blocker role when she and her girlfriends go out on the town in Portland. Not fully understanding the evil depths of the author’s dark soul, she offered various anecdotes in a Portland bar as he sat and mused on her unique role among woman kind in this most womanly of cities. I have not spoken to her enough to reproduce her dialogue. I will instead, in this four part series, relate her adventures.
I must say that Cindy does believe that all Bantu warriors are oppressed objects of white-privileged hatred and deserve a higher standard of treatment based on their extensive and unique history of martyrdom.
When I commented on seeing, short, petite, unescorted frails walking the streets at night she suggested, “Bait. That bitch was probably bait, to get you attention and put you in a bad situation. There is a lot of roofeeing going on in Portland.”
She then related a story of her and three friends at a bar and that a pretty Asian girl offered to buy them all drinks and tried to insinuate herself into their group. Then, when the smallest and most petite member of the group suddenly became extremely drunk, the Asian girl they had just met offered to drive her home, insisted that she drive her home, and Cindy turned on her and said, “You bitch, you roofeed her!” The girl got big eyes and ran out of the bar.
She then related a story about a guy at a bar offering her friend his drink and then refusing to taste it when she insisted that he taste it first, pointing out that drugging fellow bar-goers is very common in Portland. She went on to relate a story in which the water bar in one Portland bar had been drugged and that some thirty people began staggering and falling over all at once and ended up being dragged out of the bar and being stacked like wood by the bouncers and that she called the fire department to prevent police arrest, police rape and human trafficking and robbery.
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