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Hunting Humans in a Sissy City #2
Cindy was attending a concert when a bug man began bumping into women and feeling them up and calling them “bitches.” She confronted him and he challenged her as to his right to touch women and threatened her to stay out of his way. He then apparently called her a bitch—and done fucked up on that salient notes as she decided to let him know how right he was. So she grabbed his head, shoved it down, put him in a [Muay Thai] plumb, fell to the floor and then choked his ass unconscious from behind.
The bouncers pulled her off of the still warm bug man body and were in the process of ejecting her when the band objected, told the bouncers that the victim had been attacking women and the bouncers dragged his carcass out instead.
The girls then went to a bar to have some drinks and food and were having a good time, Cindy finally starting to let her hair down and drink. Then a beard man came in and began “slinging” his dick around, making it know that he needed some pussy and that he expected to get it.
Cindy got off her bar stool, pushed the guy back with one hand while pointing the finger of ultimate Amazonian vaginal authority in his face and shoved him back and back and back until he was out the door and told him in no uncertain terms that if he entered the bar again she would beat his ass and throw him out.
The faggot then faded into the Portland shadows of night, which seem to have a unique ability to cloak the emasculated wretches who skulk there fantasizing about dominating women—if only they could get their permission.
Cindy informed the listener that she “grew up in LA and have been hunted on the streets” and has “had dudes follow me to my car, chase me on the train and try to get me, so I have no illusions about the goodwill of men. I might be as strong as a lot of men but I’m weaker than a lot of them too and if I’m not ruthless I know that someone I don’t want sticking their dick in me is going to be doing it. Fuck that—that’s not happening to this girl, not any future I have a say in.”
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