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I gotta say I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t get back to you.
Here in the top of today’s comments, he’s discussing surveillance/gangstalking with a reader:
Maybe if you wrote in directly to his comments section…

Could coronavirus overwhelm food supply chain, leave grocery stores empty? Experts say no, but warn of disruption -
Sat, Apr 4, 8:56 AM (3 days ago)
Sent from my iPhone
-Man from Uncle

Baltimore Approves Use of Privately Funded Surveillance Planes
Sat, Apr 4, 6:54 AM (3 days ago)
They always manage to find a way to stick it in, especially when you’re not looking. What better opportunity to make shit like this happen, than when no one can come out of their homes and tell these fuckers, “no”.

hey brother, some new content up
Carbon Mike
Thu, Apr 2, 6:58 PM (5 days ago)
Working through the archives, slowly but surely:
I recorded a conversation this morning with James Delingpole from Breitbart UK. I name-checked you on there, so hopefully you'll get a bump when it comes out.
Take care brother

Hi James,
thanks for the message - good to hear you're doing OK and dodging the "Kung Flu"...
Today's training has been working through "Gabriel's Five Count" - probably much to the horror of new neighbours who have perhaps begun to realise what they've just sunk their life savings into moving next to...
I'm using the pattern standing through to the ground , both hands for timed rounds. Great, aggressive skill set!
Warm regards from the UK!

Why Juan left Seattle
Wed, Apr 1, 8:06 PM (6 days ago)
-Juan Stabone

Here is a video from my buddy Dexter who wants to reference your book Logic of Force
You might find it interesting.
Take care James
Electric Dan

And he would have won the bronze, but the judges boned him in the pistol event.
Fri, Mar 20, 5:57 AM

Mongolian Judo Team has stepped up its training.
Fri, Mar 27, 12:10 AM (11 days ago)
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Anonymous ConservativeApril 8, 2020 6:54 AM UTC

I checked to see if there was ever a reply, but just assumed you read my mail, said, "Well, thank God I haven't lost it like that nutjob!," and shitcanned it. I am well aware that to the uninitiated I must sound like a loon, and am far, far beyond taking it personal when it happens. Ten years ago, I'd have thought myself a psycho.

Obviously things are more controlled than we think, and especially around these machines, since I have nothing from you. No worries, I've always assumed we are all sandboxed, with them controlling some fairly large percentage of what we see and what we do not see. You are not the first person I reached out to with info I thought they might find interesting, only to not get any inkling they were interested. Nor are you the first I kept in mind may have been blocked from contacting me, or which may never have gotten my message in the first place. I only saw this because I had an incoming link from here to my site and was curious whether you were poking fun at the email.

I am only posting here so you wouldn't think me rude, so don't feel you need to write back, or even really can. I think I've handed off most of what I know that is pertinent, which was my objective. If I get a message, I will reply, but I suspect they want to keep us atomized and alone. It is OK by me, as alone means your operation is not compromised, which is as dangerous as you can get in this arena.

I am still 99.99% sure Q will answer many questions for us. The alternative is there are two conspiracies that treat Americans who speak freely like terrorists trying to destroy "Their" government, which I think unlikely.

Keep the faith.
responds:April 12, 2020 6:38 PM UTC

Sorry, Bro.

I was afraid of getting my laptop nuked and am techtarded.

I posted a reply as an article.

Thanks a lot and take care.