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Use of Force
The Last Good Cop #5
“T.O. Stabone,” said the chief as they looked at the video feed from the apartment complex, “nice, ah, Jason Statham imitation. Maybe he’s looking for a stunt double. You have the same haircut and forward-jutting jaw.”
He paused and thought, what the hell, “Nice hammer-fists, huh Boss. He was too big, to—”
“Really, really! We are not having this conversation. The citizen review panel is going to have my head if I don’t do something with you. If I get caught erasing this video it’s my ass! Look T.O., I like you, I really do. You’ve only got a year left to qualify for your full pension—but—I know you would have been a good cop, hell, the best cop, in another time, on another planet. But not in Portland, not now…”
Oh shit, this is it, the end, everything goes in the shitter right now…
He found himself looking at the floor at his boots, at the—is that Samoan snot on my boots or is it Oceanic American ball juice?
A hand was on his shoulder as the ringing in his ears cleared and he faced the inevitable and his boss said, “Look, you know my cute little predecessor is working back east. We’ve been in contact. She is being considered for a position in Baltimore City and you know, it doesn’t get any more high profile than that in law enforcement. I have worked it out with the union, that since the Corona virus is preventing the Baltimore Police academy from graduating cadets or even induct outside officers into their storied ranks, that you will finish your career in Baltimore as the Portland P.D. liaison office to the B.P.D! Isn’t that great, T.O.?”
His ears were ringing again and he suddenly had the urge to binge watch McCloud and the Eastwood movie that TV series was based on about the western cop doing an extradition in New York—but that would be a Disney story by comparison to an assignment in Baltimore.
His own voice seemed to echo distantly in his ringing ears, “Wow, thanks boss, talk about a different planet…I’m honored of course. Really, I understand and I appreciate you looking out for my family…”
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And Dennis Weaver starred in the TV spin-off... McCloud.