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‘Purchasing an Authentic Identity’
Crackpot Podcast #77: A Fine Young Man Speaks with the Silver-Tongued Lady and the Plutonium-Tongued Crackpot
I was sitting up getting drunk—alone, of course—in celebration of completing In the Shallows of Night. This is really all you need to know to understand my prolific output, is to understand that I like to get drunk when I’m alone and that I don’t let myself do it until I finish a book.
So, here I was, bored and too shot to write and I started listening to this podcast. As usual, I enjoyed hearing the angelic voice of Lynn. What I really enjoyed was our guest, Alfredo, reminding me how smart and hungry for authentic reality our listeners are.
“You go to work to buy cheap plastic shit from China and then you go home and watch Netflix,” was Alfredo’s signature indictment of our douche matrix.
Thank you Lynn and Alfredo.
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