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Plagues throughout History 2
Some Thoughts on Modern and Postmodern Pandemics and Epidemics
Small Pox, when it hit North, Central and South America felled high civilizations as no other disease has, with up to 98% die-offs. It seems that a high Amazonian civilization died before it was discovered. The Aztec and Mississippian population density doomed them. Interestingly, despite a smaller die-off among the Incas of about Black Death proportions, the disease destabilized and fractured the Inca Empire before they ever saw a Spaniard, because they had such good roads. Due to rural living patterns most native tribes of North America were able to survive the epidemics with culture at least partially intact and develop a limited immunity by adopting runaways and captives and becoming racially mixed people. Do note that Small Pox was a scourge among European Americans too, with far more European dying of the disease in New England than Indians. However, there was roughly 90 Europeans to every Indian.
Death Machine die-off is an overlooked social disease, by which, beginning in roughly 1900, those races best adapted to social control systems were culled of their most courageous and creative and selfless individuals in one of the most savage series of economically-induced industrial killings on continent-wide battlefields and in death camps around the world.
Information Age Ennui which yet grips us has resulted in an idealized herd of moral cattle so wedded to their mass mental enslavement as a form of a biologically negating religious expression, that no virus will be required to achieve extinction of thought which is the goal of our social systems of control.
Macro-Parasitic and Micro-Parasitic Paradox, developed by the author of Plagues and Peoples in 1974 [citation please, author’s name is forgotten. I read the 1976 Monticello edition, I believe] pointed out that conditions of human enslavement by macro-parasitic political systems [Civilization] cannot flourish in certain tropical zones in Africa and Southeast Asia [and after the introduction of Yellow Fever and Malaria in the 1500s, South and Central America] as the density of agricultural slaves necessary to build such Civilizations upon their multitude of sufferings and extended death by toil over roughly 20 years was prohibited by mass disease die off until man introduces technology sufficient to combat these diseases.
When one thinks of the deep irony of Small Pox being kept alive in a lab in Fort Detreich Maryland, after it was eradicated in the lab, one is reminded of the Science-Fiction movie, Beyond the Planet of the Apes, in which a surviving and denatured humanity have maintained a nuclear arsenal which they worship. The masters of our systems of control have demonstrate on this score an instinctual kinship with the epidemic diseases which fill the mass culling function in nature that they serve in Civilization.
The greatest irony is that not only do our secret masters worship disease and fantasize about harnessing it as a tool of social control and of warfare, but most postmodern humans worship the morale disease that owns their body and eats their soul.
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