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Shamdemic Winner #1
The Apocalisp Has its Winners
Every month, for the past five years, I have received a version of the following update. It is the KDP Fund, which comes from a percentage of Amazon Prime memberships. I make like a dime a month off of this, while mainstream authors can make significant profits as it is based on pages read, which pretty much sidelines a writer who only sells 2-15 copes per title.
Interestingly, this fund had generally been around $20 Million.
I have never seen it close to this high, though last month it was up in the low 20s.
I think we may identify one of the Shamdemic winners.

The KDP Select Global Fund for March is $29 million.
We will again award "KDP Select All-Stars" for January to the most-read authors and most-read titles in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. All bonuses will be awarded based on total Kindle Edition Normalized Pages read during the month. We will also award bonuses for illustrated kids’ books – the top 100 most read titles in the U.S. and top 25 in the U.K. will receive such bonuses.
For more information on All-Stars, you can go here.
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The Kindle Direct Publishing Team
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