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The Submission Instinct
Lynn Lockhart Prompts the Crackpot
This Pew poll is unsurprising but the racial and educational breakdowns made me wonder if there could be a civilized instinct that the leader of one's people should be an outsider. You have written a lot about the way that civilized people are successively conquered and ruled, so maybe this is something that has been bred in, certainly it has been programmed in.

I note here that the people most likely to reject the idea of a “white” man as a leader is a “white” person and also that the more educated a person is the more likely they are to reject the idea of a “white” male leader.
We have a couple things going on here.
One is the mythology of evil among the educated being targeted exclusively at masculine parties, versus the actuality that women in power positions are universally more cruel and violent [though utilizing proxy actors to kill] as their entire method of engagement with reality is sissy, essentially feminine. Even the gun culture, and body building culture, which equates ownership of an artifact or appearance over function with “self-defense” is feminine and sissy.
There is also the fact, that since all racial groups have been conquered many times by masters of other races and all of our ancestors were at some point trafficked as slaves and that class differences account for more difference in behavior and values under modernity than does culture, religion or race, that the natural economy of the slave mentality, which is submissive, comes into play on this question. The fact is that weaklings cannot imagine strength, sissies cannot imagine toughness, etc.
Lack of imagination—as evidenced by the primacy of drug and media culture among humans—is a crucial factor in most human behavior and worldview, with the vast majority of people incapable of imagining anything outside of their own experience and thus this twisted yearning for the “other” that was so important among the barbaric setting [which was necessarily exploration-based and wonder-struck] has been bred out of us and replaced with passive drug and audio-video experience, such as movies and TV.
I can see a strict correlation among my lifelong friends between use of drugs and consumption of movies and TV and video games with lack of imagination.
The urge for otherness is within us, but our ability to proactively express it is so suppressed through ages of submission to alien authority that we must imbibe surrogate otherness through passive submission to media and chemical stimuli. Do understand that class structure is based on alien conquest, with successive waves of conquerors forming successive layers of social status. This is reflected in ancient mythology with the demotion of the gods of conquered folk to wives, lords of the underworld and the Deep, etc. The man who insists on fighting, such as a Spartacus, will be killed. He who submits to Caesar may survive. And so we are bred down into the biological seedbed for the slave mind, with ages of submission having made us ever less, as Homer often related.
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