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Wagecucks on Parade
Teutonic Fist and the Cracked Pottery Commune over the Cordoba Minus
Apr 28, 2020, 11:12 AM (1 day ago)
Zup you old hobo hows your damaged peaker doing.
I recovered from a eye injuriy that i atained by some dumb fucker hitting me directly in the eye with a glove. I now almost a year suffered a dislocated lense. I sometimes woke up in the morning to great pain and an eye that needed to adjust many minutes until i could see properly with it. That was a real bummer. You know bad shit only happens to me in these controlled enviorment situations. During training and shit like that. Normaly logic requires to say that one is more secure in controlled enviorment than in chaotic ones. And speaking of controlled enviorments, this corona bullshit is the gayest, fakest, pussy ass crisis i could ever imagine.
There is this one supermarket around the corner here. Its a small store, maybee 1000m² inclusive storage. More expensive than the competition because they have this broad sortiment that has to subscidize each other so that the broad sortiment can even exist. This is very stupid and i basically just go there when i want a specific sort of beverage. I never see anyone doing like big portion groceries at the place like loading a shopping cart full of supplies, its always just nische stuff and wagecucks during lunchbreak. So one day during this corona bullshit i go there and the guy tells me i have to grab a shopping cart. Like 8 or 9 in the morning, basicly nobody there, and the guy tells me to take a shopping cart. Why, because of 2 meters distance. So i laugh at him, tell him i'am not a boomer and instead of 2 meters i give him 20 meters distance because thats how far it is to the competition that doesn't demand these stupid "fetch the stick" sort of games.
Man i hate supermarkets you can see the domestication of the homo sapiens into the sapiens sapiens right there with this distancing and shit like that like never before. What a bunch of dumb, neurotic animals.

Okay, bro, as a former wagecuck and former Boomer [I am told I'm now a Gen-Xer] and an obedient and over-domesticated slave of the greatest nation, of the greatest age, which is currently facing the only pandemic in human history, do not expect me to fall for this prompt and single myself out as a pandemic denier.
Oh, no!
This thing, the Dread Minus, this shit can live on Corinthian leather seats for 17 days!
Look, I like being a slave!
But, let's just pretend for a moment that I'm not an obedient turd of gratitude, that I was some Celtic thug...
Welcome to Planet Poontang!
Things will never go back to the way they were.
This was and is a system test and the test is going better than expected.
The Dread Minus was slated to go away, washed by wind and heat and sunlight and rain down the drain, into the memory hole.
But the genius master class locked their mind slaves inside with nothing but sorcery, with TV.
95% compliance through cowbell obedience.
The masters will take credit for the natural death of a minus from seasonal effects and claim it was the kwaranteen and use that to socially weaponize even ordinary flu. If the normal flu deaths were ever reported on like this Corolla Shit was, people would have acted the same way.
We will have rolling shamdemics across the dying West like rolling blackouts in India.
These will be used to discourage and even outlaw human births outside of a system of control. Corporations with vaccine patents will be the only entities permitted to birth humans. Other than us all being turned into dripping vaginas, pussy will be gradually removed from human reproduction. It's going to be the ultimate Mig-towel jerkoff fantasy.
The herd has been shown to have 95% herd immunity to reason, which is no surprise to this old hobo twerp.
A great paradigm shift, as limp-wristed as a man in a dress on his knees in the alley sucking dick, has come to pass.
The world has become more sissy then ever overnight, which will single out the men for the final hunt, the seeking and slaughter of any free mind residing in a body with balls, the final cull.
Of course, that is just the plot to my science-fiction novel Organa.
I'm joking bro.
I would never question the Good Shepherd's handling of the Dread Minus...
Yes, the eye has been in a constant seizing cycle for 14 months now. But I am managing it by monitoring my eye strain, sleeping [despite sleep remaining a great inconvenience and waste of time] and keeping a seizure-blocking medicine that is quite cheap on hand.
Most fighters will tell you that most of our injuries occur in training, not combat. As you have noted "controlled" situations tend to generate more harm to the human, even when that control is intended to insure safety. This is a real expression of our hubris, of our defiance of the Old Gods. I hope your glove-clipped eye thrives in the chaos that will come when the current increase in social control summons its own destruction like a lamb bleating brings the predator to its soft throat.
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