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Bodyshop Heroes
The Evolution from The Shield of Achilles to the Bedpan
“The nurse videos are not terribly important to watch but the number of them circulating and the amount of work they put into choreography, practice and taping does not suggest that they are putting "heroic" efforts in healing and comforting the gravely ill. The pseudo religious art work attached is more interesting because of the way you have shown that these fictional superheroes subvert heroism and now we see them put in service of the designated heroes of the day. We need to stay home in part to take the pressure off our brave and tireless healthcare workers! You know that I have never been a skeptic on the illness itself but they have taken it so far so fast that I can't support any policy anymore.”
-Mother Interior

Dear, Mother Interior, I am pleased you recalled my quite unpopular position on the Gods of Faggotry, or superheroes.
Once, as the seers searched for the power behind the mystery of the cosmos, the normal person sought this wisdom in the personification of mystery, nature and super-nature in the gods.
The idea of the gods was discredited by the one God, more human in many ways—more personified and fatherly and concerned with our petty persons—than the Old Gods.
Now there remained only one God to slay, and he was slain, on the altar of this very nation founded under his name.
The urge to personify the unexplained and the loss of the hero remained. Although a barbaric figure—a holdover from earlier ages—the hero protected and blazed paths that permitted those human worms that he did protect to project, Civilization. This is made plain on the Shield of Achilles, an entire chapter in the Iliad, that the barbaric hero—like the frontiersman of America—lingered among his civilized kin to serve that city.
Concurrent with the loss of frontier, rose, for the first time in modern history, the cult of celebrity, beginning with John L. Sullivan, first of his kind and yet a holdover from an earlier age. He did at least fight, feral scion of civilization that he was. This was about 1890.
By 1920, with the best of Aryan men culled in the Great Suicide, the races that had nurtured for over 4,000 years the idea of the hero as against the gods, lived in a mechanized world in which the hero, had, along with his gods, been replaced, be by the sports celebrity and the gods by one now deconstructed God very much beleaguered by the cult of science, which lurked in service to the temporal order as the wonder-killer and god-slayer.
Just before the second half of the Aryan suicide pact was enacted in the 1930s, the homosexual, civil servant with externally bestowed powers in the form of the superhero in tights was offered as a replacement for the hero, to a human mind that had had the personification of wonder removed by science and ideology. This was a genius move on part of the system of control.
The keys are three:
-negation, essentially the killing first of the idea of more than one extra-human power, then of the one left standing alone in the conscience, then of the traditions that flowed into humanity from the realization that they were not the apex of Creation…
-replacement of the extra-human with the collective in the mind of Man…
-Degradation of heroics into passive roles, with being wounded or falling ill or acting as a bio-mechanic in the garage of broken and failing bodies, all on the ascent and in the graphic you sent, marching hero-like through the ranks of giant puppet properties of faux heroism. Heroism becomes martyrdom with the modern corruption of the sacrifice or passive murder of the god established in the Osirian, Promethean and Christian traditions crudely transferred into the collectivized mind of the modern bug person as heroics in the form of taking perceived risk in passive capacity and in service to the hive.
Our masters understand how our minds as atomized individuals and as emotive herds work, and they murder us one dreaming lie at a time in our self-important sleep.
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