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Asian Granny to Suleimani
078 Crackpot Podcast
Hello friends,
The podcast you are about to listen to was taped January 9, before bat pox took hold of our lives. Here, we discussed the 2019 Baltimore Murderbowl, West Coast vs. East Coast crime, that crazy time when we thought we might launch WWIII against Iran, Ebon vs. Asian crime pre-WuFlu, and just some old chit chat.
0:02:30 Life in Cascadia
0:06:15 Baltimore Murderbowl 2019 [I left in my coughing at 6:39 because I was recovering from being VERY sick starting NYE. I probably had the good old bat pox]
0:09:20 California crime, mixed race crew vs. Asian Grandmas
0:21:45 Berkeley laptop robbery, Oakland
0:32:05 Iranian assassination, fake attack retaliation (Above the Best)
0:44:15 Orwell and Huxley, Afghanistan
0:52:04 Moscow bus stabbing
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