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Return of the Gaoler [Jailer]
Below is an email which well represents many of the statements said to me recently, with fellow American mind slaves repeatedly saying, “It makes no sense to lock up mothers for taking children to a park and let murderers loose on the street for the same ostensible reason.”
That reason being the only epidemic illness to ever smite humanity, the Dread Minus!

“This is the graphic, from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff, that has me losing my cool right now. There is no justification for this policy prohibiting SITTING, SUNBATHING AND READING on the beach. Many beautiful evenings of my youth were spend congregating around a bonfire on the beach, but for arguments' sake, I will concede that activity. I have taken the illness seriously from the start, when the authorities were claiming that it was nothing to worry about and racist to even suggest it. Now my feelings can be summed up as follows: FUCK THE PIGS!
“They have arrested moms at playgrounds, dads playing catch, a lone paddleboarder out at sea and ticketed church goers, all while emptying the jails and openly announcing that they are not responding to crime calls. The mask is off and I am done defending them.”
-Mother Interior

Dear, Mother Interior, those acts make all the sense in the world. And guess who is the only person I have spoken too since the crisis began, who understood that the police were merely returning to their traditional role: an Antifa babe—with blue hair and all!
Although Antifa-babe in Portland believed that police had traditionally been created just to bully the ebony martyr race, which was false, with the police and ebons brought into America specifically to bully, impoverish, drive off and otherwise displace ivory laborers, she at least knew their base purpose, which no one in the so-called dissident movement seems to get.
Look, cops and robbers have the same target, the civilian. Yes, they will whack their competition, with cops killing criminals and murdering good cops and criminals doing the same thing. But recall that police were originally [gaol] goal keepers, the men who were authorized to abduct and auction off any person of any race travelling without freedom papers. The sources from the 1600s use the spellings gaol and goal interchangeably, though it was supposed to be gaol pronounced "jail". The police as we know it really came into their own as political bullies in large cities, making you vote a certain way [what does the federal police do now, but work to negate a vote gone wrong?] and as industrial police charged with keeping workers in line.
Yesterday, I took a walk in a suburb of Pittsburgh and found that the park was marked off by order of the police and that a $1000 fine would be levied against violators of public property. I will have to get dropped off on one side of the state line and walk into the next state so that my driver will not run the risk of arrest. A young girl in this area had a birthday party, which was conducted by placing a table in the driveway and putting cupcakes out for friends and family to drive by and pick up so that the partygoers would not be arrested for visiting a house. That was Sunday, and it rained, ruining the cupcake drive-by party.
This is the return of Plantation America.
Look, in order to have a place to lock up people who violate social distancing, one must empty those gaols and make room! In America jails and prisons have three origins:
These facilities never evolved for public safety but were in place to facilitate management of men into more safely and profitably trafficked commodities.
To our original purpose and conditions we return, like sullied salmon up the River Styx.
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