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Elves, Cucks and Butter Babes
Crackpot Mailbox: The Autumnal Son, Henry Menchen and the Crackpot Discuss Some of the Perpetual Fuss
"You joked about wanting to do a series of safari-themed self-defense videos."

Baltimore Police major sues, claiming De Sousa demoted him because he was white and didn’t hire chief’s son - Baltimore Sun
Thu, Apr 30, 6:24 PM (18 hours ago)
You know what, I really have a bad feeling about returning to Harm City.

"RIP Land o Lakes butter Indian girl... Those who didn't want it removed tried to claim it wasn't sexualized—Land o Faggots!"
Who Needs Woke Butter Wars? Dairy Company Removes ‘Racist’ Depiction of Native American Woman . . . But Native Artist Says It Was Fine - American Renaissance
Thu, Apr 30, 6:24 PM (18 hours ago)
As a youth and even as a middle aged dairy clerk, the land O' lakes butter babe was my very archetype of a beautiful woman, spreading out the cornucopia of plenty for her pale conqueror...
I once had a hilarious encounter with an ebony couple in the 1980s in a supermarket aisle that got him slapped over speaking of the butter babe's Amerindian charms, linked here: Aunt Jemima Versus Hungry Jack.
I just reread this article, and I must say it is one of my better efforts.

cool vid
The Autumnal Son
3:14 AM (9 hours ago)
This Elf dude is pretty cool, never heard of him in the Dissident Right.
Okay, I made it about three minutes in and never heard Elrik of Melnibone open his mouth. The intro and the premise is so sissy, so self-absorbed in voyeuristic marinade. I'd rather flip quarters with ebon waifs in an alley. This shamdemic bullshit is excellent for one thing, placing the naval-gazing focus of the cunt shreds of the Aryan mind on a rabbit hole consisting of the entertainment diversions enjoyed by the very sailors on the sea of fate who piloted this sinking ship into that iceberg of reality while they were passively masturbating in the cinematic dark.
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