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‘Within a Harvester of Souls’
Devil Dick and James Discuss Taboo You
[My comments are in brackets.]
Thoughts on Taboo You
I would like to go under the alias “Devil Dick” or “anonymous”, frankly anything else, as I have now realized that I actually live in fucking Mordor. I write this after beginning the 4th paragraph. I included some pictures of globo-homo decay mixed in with regular Jamal decay. (I do not wish to share these images with others, I hope you may indeed verify them as such.)
[Devil Dick, I loved the picture of the old crack whore and Jamal in his bandana. Wherever this place is it looks like a shithole city with pretensions and the PIG was a real fat gate keeper shitbag who seemed to be eye fucking you. I like the yak hat.]
As a guy who hates reading books, I really enjoyed reading Taboo You. I'm a zoomer, on the tail end of Gen Z. I really fucking hate books. Everything around me is a lie, going in a post human direction, I say that because technically we already have trans humans. For that reason, all I know has to come from within me, there is no “authority” I trust anymore. When someone states an opinion and points to some authority, such as “Have you read (author/book)?”, I think back to a Seneca quote of these ridiculous “men” in ancient Rome quoting such and such, never having an opinion of their own. I reply “Did (author) read (author)? Well why do I have to? How did (big brained Nigerian) come to know?”. I suppose this gets to the core of the meaning of something such as “No way is the way”, or (supposedly) Plato's “Nothing worth knowing can be written down”. Your warning in the prologue of Taboo you to hit delete if you need a group to define you, p.40, is something along those lines.
[In our society, being a post-human herd-based mind-control system, with seemingly a 95% herd immunity to truth, your aversion to books seems a type of organic wisdom. For books in such a system are no longer resources and treasures but rusty social levers and over-calibrated hydraulic pressures risking burst seals in the never-ending quest to prop up the ever-ailing lie.]
What matter's is the individual themselves, their character, and willingness to act or think what they believe to be true no matter the consequence. All knowledge is filtered through one's character, discarded and absorbed as one pleases, twisted to serve one's own ends if one is not concerned with reality as is. I think this is why I felt compelled to write in so much.
[Mainstream masculinity advocates regarded and probably continue to regard Taboo You as an un-polishable turd for putting the individual before the tribe. For, in a tribal society the tribe comes first. My reason for stressing the individual is that we are in not only a post-tribal society, but more importantly a post-familial society and the family is the building block of both the hated tribe and the reviled clan. Also, since we are five stages removed from the crucible of the hunt that made tribal men all pluses rather than minuses in the tribal context, then you cannot build a tribe from a pack of malformed half men. That turns the tribe into the filter, a filter that will be based on civilized misconceptions and reject the taboo man who is so integral to tribal society. For this reason neo-tribalism will feature constant fracturing and re-assembly, like garage bands, rock bands, supergroups and other such attempts to form brotherhood in common cause against civilization that are doomed for the very reason that they use civilized hierarchy as a tribal structure model.]
[Information management
[These are the five ages of man thus far. One needs the quality man as a building block, a man that can recreate himself in the image of his purpose. Then he can join with other men in a tribe through no artifice like bi-laws and contracts but the bond of hands alone. Think, where our system of control has so recently struck, banishing hand to hand contact—no handshakes, no training, no sparring… civilization is a monster that is ever hungry, always famished and must glut itself until it chokes or bursts and gives rise to a new cycle of humanity—or barbarism.]
You describe the handshake deal, a man's word being everything in taboo you. I believe I felt this handshake intellectually months ago when I first heard you on myth 20c. I could trust the information I heard in the crackedpot podcasts and the articles I used for my own individual studies based on that, knowing it wasn't loaded with a pile of self-serving shit like the Academia I abandoned. The knowledge in the end doesn't matter, it all pointed towards the truth I already knew waiting to manifest itself, the spirit, the self, whatever one likes. It's what compelled me to purchase and read the books, as opposed to one or the other.
[In this, although a failure in many things, I do admit to having succeeded in recreating myself as a taboo man, and the taboo man is nothing more than an external personality that serves as a reflective device for the tribe. The priest and now the news reporter usurped this roll in service to the farming of people as beasts of burden and now vectors of debt.]
I apologize for not having organized my thoughts too much before. I simply read some of your articles, heard the podcasts, done my own independent research (intellectually and physically) when writing in, and since it seemed to be progressing, I felt the need to write in as some form of gratitude and as possibly helping other zoomers in my shoes to apply this knowledge to the current day. Also, this approach of just jumping in without any real plan seems to test and develop what truly matters, one's character. This seems to be why making anything rigid and institutionalized, with the promise one can avoid confronting the more uncomfortable aspects oneself and reality, immediately begins the death of any manly pursuit. It's a major theme of the book, to never let these groups and their rules define you, like when you refused to be called a “martial artist”. Or when your Doctor friend refused to become part of the increasingly managerial system of medicine, running his own practice at a loss to maintain his honor.
[Jumping in is mentally so key to our growth that 60-IQ gangs resurrected the ideal in their stupid “jump-in” beatings of new initiates. As retarded as that process is, it has more wisdom than all of academia. I still refuse to be a martial artist for the simple reason that a martial artist is defined by his belief that possession of knowledge is the key to defeating evil when the processing of knowledge rather than its possession, which is what a fighter deals with, is the real article, the filter necessary for successful combat.]
Things are already worse. For one thing, I couldn't find the will in me to finish university like your Doctor friend.
[That guy finished it in another age.]
The idea seemed to be that he finished school working his ass off while the nurses got triple penetrated by the local schools mascots, only to learn the whole medical establishment is corrupt, suffering financially to maintain his honor and the oath he took to protect his patients. I do not know when, though it seems to have been around 2010, the university seems to have simply become a new version of high school, another place you delay adulthood run by feminist and faggot administrators, where now getting your masters is increasingly the new norm.
[All I know about college, is that it was primarily, in the late 1970s, a place where some kids went to gain the credentials necessary to pursue a profession and were most people went to engage in drug use, sex and extended adolescent activity. So, by at least 1978, universities were already primarily adolescence extension systems.]
By the time I got in, the curriculum had completely changed. Even how exams and tests are given changed, favoring following the herd as opposed to any independent study, which occurred to me while reading your book. The way it used to work was you were given a textbook and notes with all the necessary information, if you believed you understood the material enough to skip lecture and learn on your own, all that was needed was already there. Along with that, tests were given infrequently, the idea being you could do whatever the fuck you wanted with the time in between, all that mattered was you knew the material well enough to prove it on exams and smaller tests. This obviously favored individuals like me, who sought to know as much as humanly possible, digging beneath the surface to get to the true limits of knowledge, and who inevitably go off on tangents seeking related truths. Both these things have been flipped on their heads. Lectures are now made mandatory, the lecturer with-holding information unless you show up, because many students grew bored of certain lecturer's inability to teach. I had more than one that hardly spoke English. This has resulted in one student taking it for the team, sharing the lecture notes he took with other students, forming a little clique within the classroom one would have to be a part of. As someone who use to believe in society, but never fitting into it, this was hard to deal with. I went into math to avoid this sort of thing, which was actually made worse by this tranny bathroom institution. At least in high-school I could ignore my teachers while I read something else in their gay classroom (I did that shit too). Not only did lectures become mandatory, quizzes and assignments became weekly, the idea being it would act as a mark booster. What it actually did was make me a little goblin slave boy to what the lecturer believed was important, which if I disobeyed, would be punished with bad marks for. If I had stayed the path, I would have died a lonely miserable death, never haven tasted a big titty. Thank God my future within the bugman economy and academia was destroyed. God is truly great.
[This sounds like the absolute nightmare that I naively assumed it would be when I was a stupid teenager.]
My plan was to continue writing along the lines of the above once I got home. However, after having gone on a walk across my diverse and tolerant city, I think the point is obvious enough. This “society” is horseshit, any group identity imposed on you is bullshit, only you and God have any claim over your sovereignty. Taboo you. Mister Lafond, I'm truly horrified by what I saw on this walk.
[If you continue on this trajectory, hopefully you will reach the point I did in 2001 when such hell scapes began to fill me with therapeutic visions of the many dooms that had befallen those who despised me:
-the hellish life of the dopehead that 97 in 100 boys and young man my age extolled as the only reasonable path to manhood…
-the shattered and soulless husks of the women I was indoctrinated to worship as aspects of the Holy Mother…
-the human mastiffs of the state that TV and my parents taught me were the unshakably good men in blue…
-the superhuman Afrikan who can defeat the entirety of my race with one hand tied behind his back by the inequity of my ancestral privilege…
[All of these images that were held up to me as a shaming for the sins that I, an angel fallen from heaven and twisted into a devil child, had somehow committed before my birth, and had somehow benefitted from in theory—despite having experienced negative levels of social privilege from birth until this fading dearth—live the sorry lives that had beckoned me as youth. I am grateful for their sacrifice, for leaping like virgins into the monstrous maw of modernity, feeding it and sparing it the trouble of hunting me down and eating me.]
A mixture of Globohomo and government enforced multi-racial decay. I decided to wear one of those furry hats that nomads wore, like Genghis Khan. The streets are still somewhat lively here as we still believe the system is here for “the greater good”. Not much eventful happened until I got to an intersection in the downtown of my city. We are leftist cucks, so we have government housing and homeless shelters here. Both these demographics meet at this intersection, along with the hipster faggots who come here on bicycles, making it a massive state sanctioned turd.
[Neighbors that deserve each other, thus proving that God has a rich sense of the ironic.]
I believe this is a new sort of urban decay that makes one wish for the good old days of Jamal ruining your neighbourhood. Anyways, there was a PIG watching over construction ahead of me. Never have I felt unsafe in this dump until then. For the first time some druggie starts asking me for change aggressively, to the point I have to let him know if he keeps pressing the issue I'll knock those decayed teeth out of his head. With my body language of course. It became entirely apparent to me then what the cops are. They do nothing to protect people, they are there to enforce the system. If that man with a badge wasn't there, this freak would have felt too scared to approach me. Can't harm the state's property, they need this piece of trash for urban decay purposes. I gotta go read When You're Food after this.
[Hyenas, jackals and vultures serve each other as do PIGs, hipsters and criminals.]
I then headed into the mall to take a piss, when this little midget security guard said I couldn't enter the premise, I guess cause of the nomad hat. I told him I had come yesterday, and there are clearly others in the place. I called him out on the lie, which then made him appeal to his “authority”, since “most people turn back when told to turn back”. I asked why he was pretending to be a man, since he knew he was going to call security on me, just for wanting to take a piss. He replied “I am security”. I called him a faggot and walked away.
[What works better with these gatekeepers is to ignore them and make them follow you around chirping, just pretend you don’t hear them. The Cordova Minus has enable the system to deputize millions of little shitbag gatekeepers. These are best dealt with alone, like in the actual bathroom. We are the wilderness they fear.]
Some cop cars passed by, and I counted my blessings I'm a civilian so these walking bacon strips can't just beat my ass without putting on a charade first.
[Simple locomotion and proximity violations, attire anomalies and the fact that you are not the same color as your hat, will, in the future, bring increasing levels of police attention your way. The security guard and the cop both singled you out. A paleface who is not cowering inside all of the time and further stands up to the criminals, draws PIG attention, which is never good.]
I ended up finding a place to take a leak, however only the women's washroom was open. A witch-like woman said I would have to go to there since the mens room was closed. I said I'd just find another place to leak. She let out this horrible cackle, and as I walked off, said something, pointing at this poster of some Negro with an Osiris necklace atop a mixed-race family. “He's on top, you're at the bottom. Heeheehoo (sorry, it was a weird fucking laugh man)”. This lady knew what was going on! (I wonder if she watched right wing podcasts.)
[Devil Dick, your existence as an autonomous, pedestrian, paleface is an afront to everything modernity was built upon. Right Wingers believe that Modernity was built for their pale asses and got hijacked, when it never had any purpose other than to erase them. This is an internal and organic aspect of a lie-based and lie-founded system, in that it indoctrinates friend and foe equally with its ever-reversing polarity. We were taught that the African was brought here to serve us, when he was brought here by those who hated us to replace us—and we believe the ultimate enemy always, because we are slaves at heart and a slave believes, belief in the higher temporal powers as the residence of truth when they are the precincts of the lie. There is no fixing this thing that spawned us—it must die.]
I never felt so alone in my life.
[Good, that is reality tapping you between the eyes and reminding you that the world hates you. I no longer bother to have serious discussions with people who believe that the purpose of government is for the good of the people it rules—such foolishness measures can be used to heighten your loneliness and increase the meaning and power of your life.]
I hit me what this really is, beyond the intellectual reasoning. I've existed within a harvester of souls my entire life, only now beginning to find my humanity. I talked with an insane man on the transit home, realizing the stories he told were ways of making sense of this clown show. People looked at us like we were nuts.
[We are socially insane, we three. Those people are right to fear us and they will serve as pointer hounds and blood hounds and sight hounds for our jealous masters. So take note and practice measures of concealment. You are one of the very few humans in your city and your realization of this and your youthfully aggressive responses to slave stimuli will make you a PIG target. This was where I was in the 1990s, during my awakening, which accounted for my most harrowing encounters. You should craft a brace of masks for this moral charade.]
He was the only one with a shred of humanity there. His only sin [Violating the greatest sin will not go unpunished] was not being a part of the economic machine. I included an unrelated picture of some redhaired crack lady with this drugged out Jamal in the backround. It was like some scene out of Dante's inferno, just like you said Baltimore was. Like some play I had found myself in unwillingly, I put on my literal skull mask and my mask of flesh on, retreating within, and bore witness to this bizarre encounter.
Anyways, take care Mr. LaFond, I hope this serves as further proof for the value of your work. I still consider it a heroic task, especially knowing now that this thing is actually pure distilled evil, and all who oppose must be destroyed in the eyes of all seeing power.
[The most instructive and most discarded aspect of Christian doctrine, shared by very few Christians today, is the knowledge that the world is evil, and also that it is menaced by external evil.]
Luckily it's blind to where true power comes from: within.
[The mindless functionaries of the system, in their slithering millions, are blind to the font of true power. But the system is not, can sense it, smell it—fears it with its every breath. The extreme anomaly of individual, autonomous thought, of gnosis, is a thing that has made every system of control from the medieval Christian churches to our current communist regime, shudder with fear. This is the subject of a book that just came back from one of our kind proofreaders, Within the Reduction Engine and should be out later this year. I would also recommend reading Uncle Ted’s manifesto.]
I've used the principles of honor within Taboo you to rekindle an old group of friends, identifying why we split up in the first place. Amongst these loners, I was the taboo one. I butted heads with the alpha.
[A low-grade alpha. A really good alpha would have allied with you and used you to manage these other odd balls.]
The friction created between my and his parting inspired a lot of hatred. I used to bang some bitches silly.
“All things take place by strife”
- Heraclitus.
Got it from Campbell. I'm now Achilles hosting games to make amends with Agamemnon. Also, women domesticate you beyond belief [only if you let them. You’ve got plenty of time and soft material to work on reversing that.]
Thank God I have strife in my life again, “the pussy trap” is real. I mentioned I'm a zoomer. You know, one of these bitches I kept around on the side, she found some older guy to send her money off instagram.
[This is a proxy power play that women have been using since I was your age—and queens in all ages. As soon as they get money they want to buy dick and/or muscle.]
She then began offering this money to me so I'd stick around as some sort of house-boyfriend. Like some feminist James Bond, she must have thought this gave her license to be a cunt. O yeah, she was cheating on her boyfriend with me too. Noped right out of that. She's the only psycho to send me angry messages. I nearly sent a voice recording of big titty bitch reading her messages and laughing at them, but decided not to as I am kind.
[Using women against each other is always a mistake. The one that serves you in this will develop the idea that you need her and are therefore weak, because she knows she is weak. This results in inter-antagonistic psycho-bitch force amplification and can generate a bitchnado. Women are not worthy adversaries. They are dependents, helpers, points of honor and breeders. For a man to hate women or see them as enemies is like a five-year-old boy getting angry at his teddy bear for not taking the lead in creative play.]
That section in Taboo You I found really funny, especially your advice for those who find that sort of thing acceptable to jump off a building.
Devil Dick

The advice stands.
I think it went something like: if you can’t function without [this applies to women and external identity, but I forget which one I focused on] then stop reading this book, climb to the highest point of the building you are in, and jump, preferably head first.
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LittlebookMay 7, 2020 1:36 PM UTC

> One needs the quality man as a building block, a man that can recreate himself in the image of his purpose.

Truth. That which the Sun produces naturally as the source of all life, is man's most unnatural act. Though the crucible of the hunt is as far from modern man as the Earth is from the Sun, a synthetic replication of that crucible with a tiny proportion of Earth's mass can forever change the geopolitical landscape.

That is my aim - making nukes of men, to catalyze retribalization ahead of the West's deserved Dark Age.

It's no easy thing to achieve over the medium of keyboard and mouse. I estimate geographically-distributed cohesion to require the following:

1. Reasoning trained, measured and humbled by pitiless graduate standardized tests, to establish a common logical law

2. Scourby KJV Bible audio chapter shuffle, to instill a common Bronze-age spirit

3. Cyborganize info management, to allow the ape to stand upright in the gigabyte gales of the noosphere

4. Physiognomic and genetic affinity, to establish a common personality

5. Koanic meditation, to impose the spirit's will on fleshly weakness
responds:May 7, 2020 1:46 PM UTC

Thank you Chief Littlebook. I liked this a lot.
ExileMay 6, 2020 2:53 PM UTC

James, the dilemma of preaching tribalism to half-individuals is something I've stumbled over in writing about identity and tribalism but never had distilled the way you do here.

It's something a lot of political outlaws struggle with in preparing for Whatever Comes Next.

The "mannerbund" concept, the band-of-brothers, is a necessary step. More "self-actualized" men need to help bring the others along.

We're truly starting from scratch - reforming the masculine hunter-bands before we can make a proper tribe with women & children in tow.

Guys worried about tribal issues like how we tackle the Woman Question or "who's allowed in our tribe" should worry about forming the tribe first.

I'm a believer in folkish society but the folk-forming process is just getting underway and individual men have to learn to stop crawling before they walk together.

In our post-parental public school hellscape, one-on-one friendships are how that gets done and the better man has to be willing to give a lesser brother a hand up.
responds:May 6, 2020 6:20 PM UTC

Very well put, Exile.

One answer is the return of the concept of society, which I will write on next.