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Crackpot Mailbox: A Review of Apocalisp
Lynn Lockhart
11:55 AM (55 minutes ago)
Review of “Apocalisp” - a new collection of essays by James LaFond and
The bulk of the book is a series of short pieces - often 2 pages in length - about James’ observations about corona and the panic as a guest of a friend in Portland, in sissified USA
2/topics include his correspondences during March 2020, observations of the Portland pandemic street scene, reminiscences, and groceries (somehow James makes grocery logistics especially interesting - maybe it’s the pandemic)
3/James has a conversational style that makes it seem you are shorting the shit with him
His growing contempt for sissified (sissy is a favorite term of abuse for him) western civi is the theme of this book, which purports to be a crockpot snapshot of America in the midst of
4/coronapanic 2020. The book was enjoyable, but if you are new to LaFond I would start exploring LaFond by way of in his other works, since he doesn’t impart a ton of his famous and hard earned knowledge in this book
has a group of chapters at the, often centered around home life (and schooling) during the lockdowns
Lynn has a memorable defense of California’s merits, encouraging frogs across the land to come compete for the prize of CA’s bounty in beauty &natural resources
6/the title comes from a kid working the register at a store, talking about the “apocalisp”
(Btw fight fans will enjoy a couple of pieces talking about MMA and boxing - always a fan favorite subject for LaFond
7/I read it in one sitting and recommend it, especially if you have read LaFond before
It was good to get some insight into what James has been up to &how he lives, in detail (as a houseguest and kid watcher for his friend) - the podcast only alludes to this stuff occasionally
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